Your cat giveaways

your cat giveaways

Haddie selflessly stepped up to do a bit of product testing.
Another thing that can catch us by surprise is our cats advancing years.
Turn to page 20 to read about how beautiful Ragdoll Cece has lit up Stephs world.Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags (pictured with me I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other (Ragdoll) cat lovers around the world, hoping we all utilize this community to make a better life for shangri la toronto promo code our cats and for us with our cats.Thanks for stopping by!Its hard to believe that some people just dont like cats, but this issue we chat with a lady who was very wary of them for many years until she started to realise that she had been wrong about our furry friends all along!If you have a Ragdoll cat, Id love for you to share them with us as Ragdoll of the Week.Tabby James is generously giving 2 lucky IHC readers a mixed box of their catnip and valerian root, and a cat-themed wine carrier (45 value!)!Next, categories, archives, archives.Well have everything from gift inspiration and advice on how you can give your home a feline-friendly festive makeover, to a special double-dose of freebies, and lots more to get you in the spirit you wont want to miss it!I often look around my apartment and wish Id started a shoe blog.Looks like it had its intended effect on Haddie!On page 26, you can hear all about how he gives owner Emily the motivation to be the best she can.
Take a look to see what she thought.
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This month, we have teamed up with the experts at Cats Protection to offer you plenty of advice on how you can spot those subtle signs that your cat could be slowing down, so you can keep him feeling at his best and ensure.
If you have a new Ragdoll kitten, Id love for you to share them with us as Ragdoll Kitten of the Month.
Wow this year is really flying by!
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Another cat who has managed to provide light in the darkness is black and white moggy Arthur, who was recently awarded the Most Caring Cat at the National Cat Awards 2018.On page 48, youll find Batterseas top tips for hazards to look out for over the festive period and, in our shopping pages, youll find a few gift ideas to get the festive juices flowing.Hi, Im Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats!Crazy decorations, fancy costumes, and bowls full of delicious sweets, for us, Halloween is often a day of fun with family and friends.Tabby James catnip is organic and and sourced from the Pacific Northwest!A few of my other favourite features are our photo feature on page 6, which showcases an incredible close-up of a lioness in her natural habitat; our new Lost found series, which will follow different owners each month as they are reunited with their missing.September 01, 2018, categories: Giveaways, august 23, 2018, categories: Giveaways, august 18, 2018, categories: Giveaways, july 27, 2018, categories: Giveaways, july 19, 2018, categories: Giveaways, july 10, 2018, categories: Giveaways, june 28, 2018, categories: Giveaways, june 08, 2018, categories: Giveaways.2017 still feels like five minutes ago, and now 2019 is almost upon us but at least this years beautiful, long summer brought with it plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine, for us and our felines!

Next month, were going all out on the Christmas vibes make sure you keep an eye out for our December Christmas special.