Xcom enemy within discount

xcom enemy within discount

In "One Little Ship Jem'hadar take the Defiant and force the crew to repair the damaged warp core so they can claim the ship.
In the JAG season eight episode "Need to Know Harm, Mac and Sturgis is investigating why a submarine on a CIA mission in 1968 foundered off the Russian coast.
They're there primarily to guard against the scenario of a malfunctioning rocket flying into a Bus Full of Innocents.Taken to the most unlogical extreme in Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, when after the heroes have saved the girl and taken over the villain's flagship.In the intro to Wing Commander, the NavCom AI navigational aid with information on approaching Earth safely is set up with a self destruct mechanism to prevent the data from falling into enemy hands.This allows them to blow up their Living Ship like a puffball if attacked.Blast Sphere has the added bonus of dealing damage to the opponent equal to the offensive power of what it killed.Later, he tries to press a red button that would destroy the Daleks.Things love coupons online don't go quite to plan.
Blackberry smartphones hooked up to an enterprise server had a self-destruct built.
The setup is used by the survivors to escape by the command section as the engine section returned to the pit from whence it had once been.
The protagonists are trying to reactivate a derelict battleship that has been set to self-destruct to prevent it falling into the hands of anyone who doesn't have the correct codeword.
Other Sites The SCP Foundation keeps nukes on sites containing Keter class SCP, to be used if containment is completely lost, and can't be reestablished.At the end of the episode, after the title robot was captured it blew itself up with (as Space Ghost put it) a "destruct mechanism".This isn't a self-destruct per se, but a bypass of any fuses or circuit breakers so that the gear will continue to function until it physically fails, as opposed to being shut down by a tripped breaker or blown fuse; it has been shorted for.In Trigger Mortis, the novel's title comes from the nickname for a self-destruct mechanism that is meant to be used on space rockets that experience technical difficulties and are unable to fly into space.The Mothballed Spaceship, in the Deathworld series by Harry Harrison.This also works to underscore the theme about how inaccurate the community's whole idea about the future is; upon confronting the villain after this, Jeperson notes that even in the far-flung world of the twenty-first century, it's unlikely that local communities or public offices will.In Atomic Puppet, Captain Atomic's old secret lair has one disguised as a videotape labelled " Mookie 's Greatest Hits".Stargate : Stargate SG-1.At the end of the Broken Steel DLC, you destroy the Mobile Base Crawler by targeting it with the Enclave's own Kill Sat.The Big Bad was relying on the heroes' repeatedly demonstrated ability to escape from a lethal situation in order to coax them into it, but hadn't counted on her minion taking independent action for once.