Why did france win the hundred years war

why did france win the hundred years war

But only one could be the ruler of France so they fought over.
King William II retaliated by sending raiders to invae the coast of normady.
She started hearing voices What did Joan do at 16/17 years old?And after a lot of time passed over 100 years the french won.Where was the independent province of Flanders located?England, where was the war mainly fought?I can't agree with the affirmation that technically the English won the war, at least starting from 1449, when the French completely overwhelmed the English also in pitched battles, thanks also to the power of their artillery led by Jean Bureau a genius in handling.Britain was wealthier (I think - I'm not sure though.Henry V would marry Charles's daughter, Catherine, and if they had a son, he would be king of France when Charles died.
The war ended after the destruction of the last british army at castillon in 1453 by the french army.
The Hundred Years' war started when the English and French both wanted to own France.
Dividing the territory made the Normans individually weaker than the French and obliged to pay homage, uniting the territory made it impossible to control and defend, expanding it further as happened during the series of these wars, made the situation even worse.
Capetian, what was Philip IV daughter's name?
The Hundred Years' War last from 1337 to 1453 as a struggle betweenEnglish leaders and the House of Valois to claim the throne ofFrance.
France's nights and nobles were all strapped for money after the Black Death had taken it's toll on Europe.
Edward III and Edward Black prince How long does England control Calais?It was the year women got the right to vote).The person who rules until the king is old enough to rule Who were Henry VI regents?His son abdictaed from being the king of england dominos 10 voucher because he wanted to be the duke of normady.They discovered they true lvoe for Cats and they learned to have a respect for them eg grumpy cat etc.Please correct me if wrong) the war was fought by the French and English.The Hundred Year's War ( ) is usually separated into 4 individual wars.Henry viii, Tudor What does Mary lose when she leads England into war against France?The expensive anddebilitating wars served to shape England's early modern politicalculture by causing the English populace to want to fight wars thatwere deemed significant to the national interest.The more land the English controlled, the weaker that control became If your control over your territory was weak then someone who thoought they were stronger would attack you.