What to buy with a 50 dollar amazon gift card

A matinee might not cost the full 50, but an evening show with drinks and popcorn will come pretty darn close.
Get a Tattoo This isnt for everybody, but you can get a small tattoo for around 50 if you want one.
Go Grocery Shopping, is roots canada student discount your fridge almost empty?
Penny Stocks, you can play the stock market with your pocket change.Invest in the Stock Market.Half cents struck between 17 bear another Liberty Cap design, this one facing right, and issued in Plain Edge, Lettered Edge and Gripped Edge varieties.Stock up now, and put these items away until you run out of what you already have.From 1800 to 1808 the Draped Bust design was used on half cents.Take a Friend to the Movies.Put It Into a Savings Account Of course this is no fun, but it is the responsible thing.
Everyones favorite hipster beer is extra refreshing with its cool price of just.99 for a 30-can case.
Join a Social Sports League Ive played social sports (dodgeball, kickball, bowling) in two cities, and each league was 50 or less to join.
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Make Goodies Boxes for Your Neighbors.
Start a Garden I recently went to Home Depot and bought a plastic tub, dirt, and herb seeds to grow a small garden on my roof.
Catch Up on Bills, if youre behind on bills, put the money toward what you owe.
Pamper Your Pet Treat your pet to a day of play and a few new toys and goodies.Have Your Oil Changed, haven't you put this off long enough?You never know when you might need that.Make those dollars count: Every dollar you donate to this worthy cause ensures 10 healthy, hearty meals for a child in need.Splurge for a better bottle, and make tonight a special occasion just because.I recently bought myself a new pair of shorts for summer.Plus, you get to make friends while youre having fun.Whatever it is, make it your mission to take care of it with your.When you spot savings on school supplies, buy extras you never know when your kid will lose theirs or when you need something for an at-home craft project.Just make sure you invite a friend whos worth.Thats a dime a style, in case you were keeping count.