What gift cards does shoppers drug mart sell

Furthermore, people will see this 100 value and think in their mind that this is a 50 discount on their 200 purchase.
Now, it is even quite common for them to have another promotion going on Monday to Friday in addition to their weekend promotion.
Not to mention that fact that promotions have a way of changing and the prices of products tend to creep upwards continually.
This change was mostly a good one in that no matter what points redemption level you chose, there was no minimum amount you had to spend on top of redemption amount.Coupon code 2002 is reserved for Free Product Coupons (FPCs) which don't have a fixed captain morgan christmas gift sets amount printed on the coupon but instead cover the entire amount of the product.Text signup to 736898 now!If you apply this couponing technique on both ends when you earn and when you redeem points your effective rate of return will skyrocket.Sure, you should save up for the highest redemption level so you can get the best rate of return, but you should probably be redeeming your points at least once per year, if not more.The second most common weekend promotion at Shoppers Drug Mart, other than some kind of points promotion, are the gift card promotions.That's actually a savings of 33, not.If that were the case, I highly doubt my local store owner would be calling me and encouraging me to earn 20x the points on all my diabetes supplies, because they know I am going to turn around and redeem those points for free merchandise.Optimum bonus point coupons are another good thing that will usually stack as well.Bonus redemption days have also changed for the worse over time, which also devalues points for those people who always wait for a bonus redemption to shop.
Don't be surprised if you encounter a cashier that doesn't even know the terms of a current promotion.
Customer Service, the Shoppers Optimum customer service representatives should be your source for resolving almost any points related issue you might run across.
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Coupons coded this way are treated as a discount in that you don't have to pay anything for the product, you aren't taxed for the cost of the product at all, and the cost of the will not count towards promotions and spending thresholds.
Similarly when redeeming points, coupons will reduce your total bill such that you can actually buy more products than you normally would with the same amount of points.
Top Questions, questions about medications products?Credit Card Rewards As I recommend when buying anything, use your credit card whenever you make a purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart or elsewhere because this is something that you can almost always stack with any other promotion.Another great way to take further advantage of these days is to use any bonus point coupons you may have that cannot be combined with other points offers.Please do not submit confidential or sensitive information such as medical information, refill requests, social insurance numbers, or credit card numbers as this is not a secured page.The store owners likely pay a price to be able to participate in such a good rewards program, but I don't think the reward cost of every purchase made by consumers is directly applied to that specific store.What kind of activities could lead to this sort of thing you might ask?The only thing to watch out for when redeeming coupons is how the coupon is coded by the cashier when they are entering it into the cash register.Bonus Points As mentioned elsewhere, you should always attempt to buy products that have product bonus points attached to them because this will usually stack with other promotions.