Unusual homemade gag gifts

unusual homemade gag gifts

Beach Sounds Portable Speaker roy glauber nobel prize Along with spring break and summer vacation comes the promise of beach trips and pool parties.
Sphero Use your smart phone, iPod Touch, or tablet to control the innovative Sphero.The funny gift idea for the squirrel, underpants or ornament lover in your life.Men need Man Candles, featuring familiar, earthy scents such as dirt, campfire, sawdust, coffee and more.The Emergency Clown Nose is also useful in situations in which you need to terrify those around you.It fits more snugly than many snuggie blankets, contouring to your body and appearing more like a costume than a blanket.These bacon bandages are just like traditional sterile adhesive bandages, but so much more fun.16.99 Go Girl Tired of having to find a bathroom funny gifts for teenage guys when the boys can just go anywhere?The book showcases how much is on my new look gift voucher the very worst examples of this art form in all their morbid glory and includes a DIY guide on stuffing a mouse.Then this book is for you.
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Prices Vary Superhero Knee Socks You might not be made of steel, but your knees can fight crime as good any anyone elses.
Cardboard Animal Heads, cardboard animal heads are the politically correct version of animal head trophies.
Zombie Tarot These tarot cards are more man-friendly than your typical deck: the artwork is a fun and campy zombie take on the classic tarot card theme.Delicious, fun and a great stocking filler for the whole family.Enjoy your pet rocks company as you work throughout the day, and youll also love all the attention it brings from curious onlookers.It measures six inches long and features adjustable flaps so it fits all sizes.Then Pickle Lip Balm is for you.

Candy poursout in its proper amount with a simple wave of the hand.
This call bell cuts out the need for shouting or begging and should enable you to get what you want, when you want.
The next time they are running their mouths and you detect something stinky, push the Official Bullsh*t button.