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However, when a everything track and field coupon code warning like Service Tire Monitor System appears, you know its something more than simply a little more air in the tires will fix.
What can cause a tpms sensor 2014 nissan sentra rebates to fail prematurely?Tpms light warning light on, november 23, 2014 by, steve Jenkins (updated tennis gifts for seniors 1428 days ago last month, I noticed the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (tpms) warning light turn on in my 2007 GMC Yukon Denali.Every couple of days, it would fail again, and show a warning on my dash, like this: Your cars tire pressure is one of the most important factors relating to safety, ride comfort, and even gas mileage. .It depends on the situation.Heres what an average tpms sensor looks like: tpms Sensor and heres what one looks like installed on wheel with the tire removed: A tmps sensor installed on a wheel with the tire removed.True to their word, Discount Tire only charged me 20 (plus.35 tax).When tpms sensors are replaced (either individually or all four at the same time or when the tires are rotated, the vehicles tire pressure monitoring system has to relearn the wheel location of each sensor.The OEM sensor (made by AC Delco) had an msrp.44.When I checked-in at Discount Tire for my appointment, and dropped my four tpms sensors on the counter, the guy checking me in asked me where I got them.There is no legal requirement (yet) at the national level to replace a bad tpms sensor if the tpms warning light is on or flashing.The lithium ion batteries inside tpms sensors may last anywhere from five to 10 years.
My next move was to call the local tire shops to get installation"s.
Thats a great time to check your tire pressures and re-fill as necessary, or drive by a local tire shop most of which will perform an air check (and even reset or re-calibrate your tpms sensors) for free.
Thats already a big discount over the dealership, and not a bad way.
Does the law require replacing a bad tpms sensor?
I like massive discounts.
It's an extra 40/tire, so an additional 160 for that as well.
Five to six years is a more typical lifespan for older tpms sensors.So when you call around, include your local dealer(s and give them an opportunity to meet or beat.I also asked for the old ones so I could include a photo of them in this blog post: tpms sensors installed for 20 at Discount Tire.If you have an older car that doesnt have tpms, but youd like to add it, consider a retrofit kit like this from Schrader.Your local tire shop will probably give you a good deal on installing something like that, too.Corrosion has been an issue with some original equipment tpms sensors that have a nut at the base of the metal valve stem (snap-in style tpms sensors with rubber valve stems are not subject to this type of corrosion).These sensors reduce inventory requirements and can be easily programmed to the vehicle application.Oh, and my daughter and I downed a couple free bottles of water at Discount Tire, too.And if you want to save a lot of money, look up the tpms sensors part number for your vehicle, buy them on Amazon, and get them professionally installed for cheap.On average, a tpms sensors battery should last between 5-7 years.By the time the tires are worn out, the tpms sensors may be nearing the end of their useful service life or they may not have enough remaining battery life to last another set of tires.I'm not opposed to it, but I thought the stock ones were good for 7-10 years.