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What and where did you kids reward certificates printable make your most dangerous/frightening dive?
Was at the MDV Reunion in Panama City Beach, FL, with MDVs Ret Bobby Moore and Ray Augustin.Of course I took pictures so if you don't remember what these guys listed above look like, just go to this link to view the pictures.I didn't finish putting all the names in yet, but will be working on it throughout the week.Reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, October 13, 2012, there is a Veteran Honor Ceremony for SMC/DV Jose "Joe" Flores, USN Ret.We started all this as a get-together to boost Bobby Cave's spirits when he was going through d it worked.The attendees were Mike Cattolico, Tom Jenkins, George Powell, Ed Brown, Bob Cave, Pete Berdzar, Bruce Hoffman, Mert Weltzien, Willy Fewell, Mike Rudin, Mike Jackson and Sam Sangrey.
Tony Basile was out from New Jersey visiting his son who lives in the San Diego area.
We can still sell Tees, ball caps, and challenge coins and no problem taking pictures.
Haven't seen Harry Short in awhile so was happy to see ryda discount code him drop.
Ceil and I were driving up and down the coast to and from Washington to visit friends and relatives and to just relax after a very busy and hectic NDA Reunion in May.Jack Tomsky is still in rehab in Escondido, but is gettting around in a wheel chair now and improvig with every day.So, I guess we are on every second (2nd) Friday of every month.According to the made-up food holidays website, m, last year Americans ate more than.5 billion tacos.Thanks very much Richard.We also had three active duty Brothers join.This was a "Freebie" lunch and advertised.