Swift scirocco load data 300 win mag

I personally like the sciroccos a lot better than the accubonds and I think you'll like them better too.
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257 / 25 100 GR BTS Swift Scirocco.It is a streamlined, secant ogive bullet with a pointed, black polymer tip and a 15-degree boat-tail base.Of tenpin military discount course, our precision loading process using the finest available components ensures that its delivered with quality unmatched by any The current.I came up with a rifle built by Sisk Rifles based on a Savage Model 110 action with a Lilja barrel capped with a muzzle brake and clamped in an aluminum Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle stock.With that being said, I'm pretty sure I can duplicate the factory loaded Scirocco to shoot the same and or better, hey, that's the fun part of it You can call Swift, they will email it to you.Swift Bullets A-Frame and Scirocco bonded core bullets are the premium big game bullets to choose when discount tickets for holiday world at kroger 2014 your bullet must stay intact for promo code for cirque du soleil ovo a clean kill.The H4831 is at the faster end for this cartridge and all my load data shows that loads with that powder only has about a 75 load density.In the past decade, more cartridges with significant size or compact proportions have come along to rake off a portion of the Winchester cartridges success.
150 grain Swift Scirocco II BTS 180.
It carries velocity and energy better than any of its competitors.
The belt on the.300 case is a relic of the past used to regulate headspace, but handloaders can just ignore it and adjust their size die to set headspace off the case shoulder.
A-Max can not be loaded to mag length.
A 140 grain Nosler Accubond, 150 grain Hornady Interbond, or 130 grain Swift Scirocco wont break the bank, and will expand slightly more readily than a monometal (copper) bullet will.
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As evidenced here, the use of good ammunition removes some of the basis for a change in caliber.For a light-recoiling load for paper punching or popping the occasional chuck, check out the 95-grain Hornady V-Max over.Among those stacks of bullet boxes are.GameKing bullets from his.300, and the bullets work well on distant shots.The Swift Scirocco bonded is the perfect bullet design for todays fast, flat-shooting long range cartridges.Swift TM Scirocco Signature Black Tip Bullets.The only other.A really great deer load for your 270WSM!Here, you'll find 70 Swift Bullet.Ive finally got a new general purpose rifle on the way and its chambered.He shoots Sierra 180-gr."RE: load data for burger 185.

Swift scirocco load data.