Stupid christmas gifts for guys

They are slippers that do the job of a mop so that he can easily mop up the floor by just walking around the kitchen.
You can rework lyrics from songs like this, or come solar centre voucher code 2017 up with another funny saying.
11.99 Prescription Beer Koozie Heres a beer koozie that makes it look like he is having his medication for the day.
12, grenade Mug, this mug looks just like a hand grenade and has the classic complaint department gag on it with a tag around the pin that says take a number.T, but with the Internet you can find pics of anyone.Theyre big enough to put on things as large as a refrigerator, so you may be shocked to find them on all sorts of things in and around the home once he has them.That will be like having a real squirrel attack as it emerges from the coffee.Custom Stamped Keychain With this gift you can stamp your own funny slogan on it, so that he can see it every sso account giveaway day and smile.You can come up with fun things like #GettingOld or #OverTheHill.Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey, this monkey soars through the air because hes basically a big rubber band that you can use to fling him around like a slingshot.10.12, made With Love Sandwich Bags, these sandwich bags have kiss marks all over them to show that the food inside was made with love.This should allow him to get clean where it counts most, although hell surely say it doesnt fit.
Under this scratch off area theyve put the word awesome, but you can really make it say whatever you want.
Slasher music on this one instead of angels singing, rest assured, it has a safety feature.
If you heard the whee!
It charges on the docking station, so no messy gas refills either.More details Stupid Collections, hot Trendy Gifts, shop By Interest.This megaphone will help him speak his mind without actually having to raise his voice.This beer koozie is in the shape of a giant fist so it looks really funny when hes holding.It also has a remote for those hard to reach places.The first time you give it to him might be the best time to serve up his coffee in it and not tell him anything.11.66 Dog Beers Sign The sign is funny for the guy who likes to have his fair share of beer.Its something that is going to get his appetite going, so he may end up asking for bacon more often than he already does.Its a way to keep things separated so you always know which end.9.99 Blankeez Prank Pack If he thought the Snuggie craze was silly, get this prank gift box that displays the next craze: Blankees.5.65 Sir Perky This little guy is always perky, and comes in handy when its time to open a bottle.The gifts below should appeal to a guy with a sense of humor and the ability to not take life or himself too seriously.It is designed to look like a medicine bottle, and comes with cute sayings about the dosage and the recommended use.Funny gifts for men can be tricky to find because you have to have a handle on the male mind and what most guys find funny.