Spouse rebate 2013

Neither you nor your spouse (during any period they were your spouse) received parental leave pay.
You can claim a dependent spouse tax offset for any period in 201314 that you had a spouse and you met all these conditions: your spouse was born before you maintained your spouse; see What is maintaining a dependant?
Broadly, the offset is calculated as follows: The amount of the offset is is made up of a fixed amount, which varies according to geographic location plus a further amount which is a percentage office desk gift ideas of an amount based on the taxpayers dependents (if any).A longer list of Zone locations is here.Did you have a dependent spouse who was born before?(r) Multiply the amount from (q) by the percentage from (r) and write the answer at (s).Zone Locations Remote Localities- Overseas Forces Localities.Overseas forces offset value is Individual dependent offset calculations are each subject to (and reducible by) tested income levels, including the the excess of Adjusted Taxable Income over 282 divided by 4, and in general, a part-year apportionment applies when dependency is less than.Budget Announcement, the, federal Budget 2014-15 presented to parliament on contains a proposal to remove the dependent spouse tax offset for all taxpayers with effect from Enabling legislation has been passed: see.Budget papers, age-based restrictions since From the dependent spouse tax offset is only available for a spouse born before or unable to work due to invalidity or carer obligations.If the FTB shared-care percentage changed sugar bear discount code 2017 during the year, add up the amounts from (s) and write the total at (b).
If you cannot claim at item T5 you may be eligible to claim for your spouse at item T7 if they are genuinely unable to work and in receipt of an invalidity or carer payment.
Adjusted fringe benefits total is a component of Adjusted Taxable Income This affects eligibility for: family tax benefits, stillborn baby payment, child care benefit, Youth Allowance, Abstudy and Isolated Childrens Allowance parental leave pay and dad and partner pay low income superannuation contribution payment net.
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The calculation of the reduction has been changed during the recent years.
Part A - Dependent spouse, you cannot claim this tax offset if: your spouse was born on or after your adjusted taxable income (ATI) for 201314 was more than 150,000, or you had a spouse for the whole year and their.Any days for which a tax exemption is available are not counted.This page was last modified.If the FTB shared-care percentage changed during the year, work through (p) to (s) for each period it was different.(s) Write the amount from (s) at (b).Write the answer at (e).