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Multi-policy based Scheduling for Face Certification on Distributed Computing (Tae Young Kim and Jong Sik Lee).8353-8358.
Area Efficient High Speed Low Power Dual Mode Jacobian mlmap Decoder Design using fpga Technology (niraj Kumar and tha).2239-2252.A Similar Sub-trajectory-based algorithm for Moving Object Trajectory Clustering (Chen Jiashun and Pi Dechang).1645-1662.PDF 75th birthday gift ideas for grandma Propose of Smart Place IoT Systems for Strengthen Security of the Smart grid Environment (Jindae Choi and Sungjung Shin).1509-1516.PDF Hybrid Group Key Management Architecture for Multicast Applications (K.PDF An Exploratory Study on Strategy of Korea and Japanese Companies in Visegrad Group (Koji Yoshimoto and Ilhyun Bae).3853-3860.A Novel Smooth Support Vector Regression Based On Taylor Formula (Bin Ren and LiangLun Cheng).23-32.Korean Morphological Analysis Methods using a Statistical Machine Translation Tool and a Conditional Random Fields Tool (Hyunmin Seo, Bogyum Kim and Jae Sung Lee).5523-5534.
An Enhanced Deflection Routing Scheme in Optical Burst-Switched Networks (Byun-Gon KIM, tractor supply coupon code september 2017 Kwan-Woong KIM, Geun.
PDF The Beta Generalized Inverted Exponential Distribution (Ahmed.
Effects of Educational Game on the Intrinsic Motivation by Learner's Traits (Hyung-sung Park, Young-Tae Kim, Young-sik Kang and Jung-hwan Park).905-910.
An Extended Intersection-Priority based RSU Allocation for vanet magnets usa discount code (Jeonghee Chi, Hyunsun Park, Taehyeon Hwang and Soyoung Park).1419-1432.
PDF A Comparative Study of Health Perceptions, Passion for the Teaching Profession, Teacher Efficacy, and Happiness of Forest Kindergarten Teachers across Types of Forest Kindergartens (Shin-young Lee).6819-6826.
Achievable Performance of ieee 802.11n mimo adapted wlans with MAC Enhancements (Anup Thapa and Seokjoo Shin).3139-3148.
PDF To Analysis of the Model of Innovation Diffusion in the Social Systems under the Influence of the Media and Interpersonal Communication (Anatolii Fedotov, Aslanbek Murzakhmetov, Anuar Dyusembaev and Mikhail Grishko).1187-1196.An Improved Algorithm for Attribute Reduction Based on Database Technology (Shifei Ding, Hao Ding, Fengxiang Jin).3489-3498.PDF A Processing Algorithm of Two Consecutive Domains For Removing the Gaussian Noise of the Image (Young-Man Kwon, Myung-Jae Lim, Dong-Keun Chung and Myung-Gwan Kim).1243-1248.PDF Critical Success Factors in the Adoption of Ubiquitous SCM Systems: Strategic Implications (Changsu Kim, Sung Won Kim and Gyanendra Prasad Joshi).537-556.PDF A Precise Control of Moving Path on its Rotation Section for an AGV Using BLE Beacons (Youn-Sik Hong and Uk-Jin Jang).8497-8504.PDF A Study on Direction Recognition of Ear Auricles (Eun-Young Yi and Bae Myoung-Jin).1451-1456.Exploring Image Databases at the Tip of Your Fingers (Gerald Schaefer, Mattew Fox, William Plant and Matthew Stuttard).Duesterberg) Reallocation of Mesh Points in Fluid Problems using Back-Propagation Algorithm (Nameer.PDF A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis of the Relationships between Activities of Daily Living, Depression, and Successful Aging among the Korean Elderly with Disabilities (Jung-Min, Choi and Jung-Bin, Yang).2149-2156.Automatic Global Registration of Splat-level Fruit Scans (Hui-jun yang, Dong-jian HE, Jiang Shao-Hua, Xin wang).4133-4142.PDF Synthesis of 2D-page Data Sets for Point-Matching Based Spot Matching Applications (Dae-Seong Jeoune, Moon Sun Kim and Chan-Myeong Han).1113-1120.Strategic IT Equipment Replacement Considering EOS and Risk of Failure (Shuhei Inada, Chu Bong-Sung, Masahiko Tanaka and Hiroaki Matsukawa).507-516.Moving Object Detection from Video with Optical Flow Computation (Wei Zhan and Junkai Yang).4157-4164.