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I would not recommend Mpix for photo book christmas gifts for your neighbor printing even though I love their regular print quality for 4 x 6 prints and enlargements, unless you really want to have a small 5 x 5 square book that you can easily put in your purse. .
For an overview of these photo book publishers and a complete list of the photobook products they offer, check out my photo book company reviews.Prime Pantry can best be described as Amazon's online grocery store for Prime members.The free version has a much smaller music library, but it's worth checking out if you're already paying for Prime.The software is easy to use (albeit a hard drive space hog) if you dont require customization and are happy with the standard templates provided. .Mpixs print quality was better than Blurb in that it was brighter and the photos appeared sharper and less grainy, but the print quality slightly under the quality of My Publishers. .Print quality Out of all the printers, MyPublisher has the best print quality. .The provided layouts therefore can get a bit boring and after doing a number of these books, its not long before you look for more flexibility. .
Again, MP provided another free coupon code. .
One thing to note is that students who are on their six-month trial will not be able to use Amazon Prime Music until they start paying for their membership.
The big disappointment I had with Mpix however is that my 5 x 5 book, upon my first opening it, separated at the binding in the rear, exposing the staples holding the book together. .
To locate Amazon First Reads on your kindle e-reader, select Shop in the Kindle Store, and then select Amazon First Reads.
You can also opt for a monthly subscription that starts off with the first six months free.Note that from time to time I will update or write new review posts as I try other photo book makers.The customization allowed is not as flexible as some companies, but does allow for some basic options.) Blurb and Mpix differ from the other two in offering complete customization by allowing you to create your own templates and by altering their templates. .You can also join our Super Shopper newsletter to receive featured updates, coupons, shopping tips, and special offers from popular merchants.Customer service MyPublisher is the speediest printer in my experience. .August 18, 2010 Update, geree photo book Use MyPublishers free 20 gift card to get a hardcover pocketbook photo book!MyPublisher and this post for Mpix.It doesnt appear that the spine can be titled though unless I missed something. .By the way, Ive tried several photo book printers since the time I wrote this post. .