San jose mercury news discount

san jose mercury news discount

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It is free and quick.It's a large hydro flask discount number of talented journalists, and we remain committed to doing important work.I can take a beach vacation for what some of you are paying to read the print news each year, which is more relaxing for.I made inquiries into a couple discount newspaper services but haven't received any responses yet.Gets people who otherwise would have little idea what's going on in the world interested and perhaps involved.CouponTweet CheapTweet are Giving Assistant companies.Below is a copy of that message, which disputes the number of buyouts reported in other media outlets this week.I got rid of the Jerk-The-Knee News back in the 1990's, when their progression of local (5th) columnists went from the sneering Steve Lopez, to the duped Pat Dillion, to the "reconquista" anti-American ucla bookstore promo code traitor Joe Ramirez.He insisted that readers will see no noticeable change, and the remaining staff members can still focus on the important and impactful stories.I use google news, wiki-news, BBC online, etc for that.
According to the NewsGuild, Digital First has been hit by layoffs at twice the rate of other national newspaper chains, as the company sells off its real estate assets and fails to reinvest in the news organization under its ownership.
Some also slammed Alden Global Capitalthe vulture fund that owns Digital Firstfor extracting profits western union first transfer promo code at the expense of people and product.
Bang photojournalist Jose Carlos Fajardo echoed that point.
For those who might ask why I want to receive the paper when there are online news sources, and even two SJ Mercury News apps for tablets: Only a small subset of the content from the sections of the paper I care about (home garden.Sharon Noguchi, photographers, patrick Tehan and, george Sakkestad, healthcare reporter, tracy Seipel and editorial page editor.Get all this plus award-winning columnists Gary Richards on transportation, Mark Purdy on sports, Lisa Krieger on Stanford, and Chris OBrien on business.The malign genius of the private equity business model, of which more in a moment, is that it allows the absentee owner to drive a paper into the ground, but extract exorbitant profits along the way from management fees, dividends, and tax breaks.The savings are significant (as much as 75 off).The American Prospect ran a lengthy article about the phenomenon, which is affecting regional newspapers throughout the nation: Companies with names like Alden Capital, Digital First Media, Citadel, Fortress, GateHouse, and many others that youve never heard of have purchased more than 1,500 small-city dailies and.The people that will hurt the most are the citizens of the Bay Area, Fajardo wrote in his Facebook post.By the time the paper is a hollow shell, the private equity company can exit and move on, having more than made back its investment.The most recent cutbacka gutting of 20 stafferstook place just weeks after the.And the other app, the e-Edition Mercury News, is laid out exactly like the newspaper, completely failing to take advantage of the fact that it's on a tablet.NewsGuild chief officer Carl Hall, explained.I cancelled my Mercury News subscription years ago.

How many employees accepted the buyouts remains unclear.
That she became numb to them.
We are just money to them.