Rewards you can give yourself

You can find tutorials on or elsewhere online and slowly chip away at a new craft.
You can make some sort of snack using whatever you find in your kitchen and ask your friend to bring an inexpensive drink (boxed wine, anyone?).
And be nice and return the favor!
Get out of town every once in a while so you can relax.In fact, this whole process has probably felt like pandora compact mirror gift a tough slog."Or you'll download a new album every Sunday after you've completed all your training sessions that week Kingsmill says.Gallery: 10 Expensive Habits You Can Break Today 12 images.You'll get some much-needed stress release and feel lifted quite naturally.
Recreate that feeling with an afternoon to do whatever idea strikes you.
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When I used to work in Manhattan Beach, CA, many weeks passed where I never even saw the beach, which was less than a mile from my office.
You might consider incorporating this hour or two of midday rest into a day off (as suggested above).
Give your body and mind a total break!
If I met my goal for the week, I would stop by Tower Records in downtown Sacramento on Friday afternoon and choose a new.
They aren't the same flicks I compromise on with my husband either.Its true that eating well does make you feel good (and thats a reward in and of itself but theres also something to be said for a completely self-indulgent pleasure that you do just because you like the way it feels.If youre rewarding yourself for exercising, try, a punch card to yoga classes, a rock climbing gym, personal training, or something else fun that you wouldnt otherwise.I'm an avid at-home baker, so I usually have some basic ingredients on hand.You time that you schedule isnt the same thing as procrastination or slacking off its so much better.For example, a few extra hours spent cleaning up your apartment disney 10k sweep or house and moving around furniture can make your space feel brand new.If you're someone who loves spending time on Instagram best first communion gifts or Facebook, you might instead consider extra regular smaller rewards of say, allowing yourself to check social media once you've gone for a run each morning.A class just for pure fun can be a great reward for taxing work.It seemed like the summer lasted forever.Take someone else to lunch.Go to a museum or gallery that youve never visited and look around.Cook or Bake Something.

Many communities have fun classes through a community college or learning exchange.
Or driven a car so nice it made you wish your trip was twice as long, just so you could keep driving it?