Return gifts for bhogi pallu function

As part of Bhogi festival, many Telugu people queued up along with their children to celebrate mass bhogi-pallu which was organised by Sri Gayatri Welfare and gift for friend going abroad Cultural Youth Academy along with Nehru Yuva Kendra at Nature Cure Hospital here on Sunday.
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You could also use this game at the actual Birthday party and challenge all the kids.It contains 7 pieces, either wooden or plastic and a book.It is the day when the Sun transits from the zodiac sign of Saggitarius to Cancer - from Dhanur Raasi to Makara Raasi and hence it is known as Makara Sankranti which is celebrated across the country.Kaleidoscope: Though it seems like a fun toy, it can actually teach children about shapes and colours.No child is too young to play with one.Ensure that such gifts are given only to children 3 years and above.
Bhogi Mantalu the bonfire that is set generally in front of the house in the early hours of Bhogi day before sun rise.
Festivals form a part of one's life and it is the time when people, keeping aside their day to day miseries of life, enjoy the most with their family and friends.
Bring out the storyteller in every child with a pretty doll.
Teaches them to follow instructions, measure ingredients, organize and communicate better.
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They can make bracelets, necklaces, tiaras and anklets.
Though the name by which it is known, the ways of observing the day and celebrating it slightly varies from place to place and state to state, the underlying significance is almost same.As this is the biggest festival of the year for the people of Andhra Pradesh, heavy discounts on most of the items, particularly, on clothes are available by the shop-keepers.A life without the festival celebrations would in fact be dull and lead one into a depressed state of mind.And it has become a compulsory for the newly wed daughters to visit their parents house along with their husband.This is a simple and easily affordable return gift for children of all ages.The kaleidoscope is a toy that is designed to be a perfect gift for any child.Bhogi Pandaga is the most important festival of the year and it is a four-day festival beginning with.Bhogi is basically a harvest festival and is celebrated in honor of Lord Indra - the God of Clouds and Rains - and special prayers are offered to Lord Indra for having an abundant harvest and thereby bringing prosperity to the land.Dharnurmasamu girls decorate the mungili or vaakili (the entrance to the house) with huge muggulu (designs with lime sand, turmeric and kumkuma) with Gobbemmalu (globes made of cow dung and decorated with flowers, turmeric and kumkuma, and incense) in the center, and worship Gobbemma (Goddess.