Remington 700 ss 300 win mag

remington 700 ss 300 win mag

Learn more, v3 TAC-13, nEW FOR 2018 - The Remington V3 Tac-13 represents the ultimate in compact personal defense regardless of where your journey takes you.
Thats more oomph than a 168-grain bullet from a 30-06 carries at 100 yards.Learn more, introducing THE custom shop model 700 sixsite edition.You want to shoot long and flat and hard.The 300 Remington Ultra Magnum needs at least a 26-inch barrel to take advantage of its fire-breathing potential, and a 28-inch is even better.I have less than 50 rounds through the gun and feel I can produce.5 MOA with store ammo.At 500 yards the bullet will still be hauling 2,543 foot-pounds of energy.
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Cartridge development over the past 150 years has been mostly about getting more power and velocity in shoulder-fired rifles.
Instead I was careful to dremel narrow slots just big enough to slide 3/8 flat metal through front to back and multiple sections side to side.
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And 300 WSM popped up well, I guess Remington couldnt resist jumping.
The VTR has the X-Mark Pro trigger which just about all Remington 700s have now.The frame work (looks like a latter type frame in the stock) was then soldered together so that there was to be no flex or twist.P utting the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum in perspective.The biggest step forward came with smokeless powder starting around 1890.Featured, items, v3 field sport mobu country, starting.Let them fire your rifle to cement the concept.For zeroing the scope and doing some initial groups, the weather was terrible, which can happen in the spring in Montana.We fired both standard Federal Gold Medal match and the nice HSM 168gr Match ammo.A making candles for christmas gifts well designed brake can reduce a lot of felt recoil as well keep the muzzle flip down helping with rapid follow up shots.By Melvin Ewing October 17, 2014.

This enables it to fit the Rem.
We did manage to get one sub.5 group at 100 yards, but we had to really work.