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A: Antlers do not splinter, peel the best wedding gifts to give or chip like typical bones.
The most serious issue, however, is internal.No chemicals or substances are added to the antlers or used to clean ey are scrubbed and rinsed clean with water only to remove loose dirt.While your dogs suffering is usually enough of a deterrent, a broken tooth typically costs hundreds of dollars in repair or removal, offering an economic incentive, as well as a moral one, to steer clear of hard chew toys.He also suggests choosing larger objects for your dog to chew on that dont fit all the way into his mouth.Dogs left unsupervised to chew antlers are especially at risk, since you may not know that they have swallowed part of their antler until they have started showing symptoms, or worse, choked.
Veterinary Oral Health Council.
Q: Where do the antlers come from?
Antlers are nearly indestructible, designed by nature to be both strong and tough to withstand battles between 1,000 pound testosterone-enraged bull elk during the mating season while competing for dominance.The 20 you might spend on a quality antler chew toy might seem like a good investment, but.Once your dog gets a taste and knows it's meant for chewing on, they will fall in love with.For owners of powerful chewers that destroy conventional chew toys in a manner of hours, antlers seem like a gift from nature herself.Not all dogs will have problems with antlers.Split chews are excellent for teething puppies since they are softer in the middle allowing their teeth to sink in, and provide a great source of bioavailable nutrients for a developing puppy's body.The following weight ranges provide approximate antler chew size guidelines for your dog as minimum recommendations (going a size bigger will last longer and may further ensure it will not be a potential choking hazard Mini - under 15 lbs, small - under 40 lbs.DAAs AppChoices app here.A: Antler chews must be appropriately sized to prevent possible swallowing or choking.Q: Why choose ChewMyAntlers elk antler dog chews for my dog?

Whole antler chews are more durable than Splits, and are best for the most aggressive or frequent chewers.
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