Printable scholastic gift certificates

printable scholastic gift certificates

I seem to remember someone else posting that they had just ordered them for that price, too, but I couldn't remember the key words of that post to search it out for you.
JillTurgeon Guest JillTurgeon Guest Teacher, 07:21 PM": Risa- Just so you e kids do NOT need the coupon to order the book.
Each voucher is valid for 12 months after the issue date and can be redeemed on: Includes four vouchers, each valued.00.
With the expiration date of May 2009, so that students will use them in the current school year.I already ordered the coupons.I think if zirh corduroy gift set the book is 2 or under I may just either buy it or use my own points to get it-and then use the coupon on a 4 book for my classroom either now or hold onto it for later.Of course you can change any of the wording to fit your needs.Please follow me and leave feedback.Thank ank ank you!
Like you would be money down the drain.
Well, sure enough, quite a few of my students lost their coupons so it became 'money down the drain.' I've learned my lesson the hard way.
The time now is 06:55.
Maybe this will help, in case you can't find that other site.
They came from a search of Google images.) Again, these are just to use so that students who lose them won't have lost the original gift certificate and therefore the cash they are worth.
If I happen across it, I'll be sure to let you know!
Faithhopelov Guest faithhopelov Guest, 02:20 AM Salem, nice idea!Joined: Jun 2007 Posts: 2,061 Senior Member Teach'n'Learn Joined: Jun 2007 Posts: 2,061 Senior Member, 09:10 PM Thanks for your help.(For example, if you purchase 20 coupons, Scholastic will 'allow' you to input the free book coupon code 20 times only.) In fact, I had a few students who did not (for some reason) use their free book coupons, so I just ordered some books.Joined: Jul 2007 Posts: 1,399 Senior Member salem win 7 uefi Joined: Jul 2007 Posts: 1,399 Senior Member I got the coupons, too., 07:08 PM Risa, I was reading a post from last year about your Christmas gifts to your children.3 personalized pencils with a small case for.79.Hello fellow library and literacy friends!I'll be adding new content this summer including the Scholastic Dollars themed for the fall fair, so be sure to check in soon.Joined: Jun 2007 Posts: 2,061 Senior Member Teach'n'Learn Joined: Jun 2007 Posts: 2,061 Senior Member, 07:44 PM": Hope this helps.Teacher will use Scholastics authentic gift certificate instructions to place your order.Joined: Jul 2006, posts: 4,171, senior Member, scholastic book coupon-substitute, 10:36.Joined: Jun 2007, posts: 2,061, senior Member, 11:33 AM,": How about just offering them the substitute coupon and then using points on an "as needed" basis?For Teachers Only-Personalized Pencils ( m/stati.(I hope the graphics show up since they aren't from my own collection of clip art.

How did you happen to know this?
On your order form, mark free next to the book you select.
I told them that Scholastic wanted to know what books 3rd graders liked the most, and that it had to 4, 3, 2 or 1 (some still don't understand the "less than" concept!) I had them circle and write their first, second or third choice.