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Then, two years back, came Dog House Music, a collection of stripped to the bone Mississippi acoustic/electric blues in the ugly sweater run promo code the tradition of John Lee Hooker, Son House and Blind Willie Johnson that'll have many checking the man's skin pigment.
When cover albums like these appear, there's usually moans about not bringing anything new to the material, not trying to put an individual spin.
It's to the trio's eternal credit, though, that its their own contributions which provide the consistent thread with tremendously instinctive and empathic playing; track 3, a set of reels, which features plenty of guest musicians, is perhaps the most convincing demonstration of this, for the.I suppose that given the trio's credentials (and those hard years on the road since their first album in 2003 - which I sadly haven't heard) I shouldn't have to admit to marvelling at the sheer authenticity of their take on bluesy Americana.There are some quite spine-chillingly atmospheric moments, such as the bizarre point at which Pete seems to turn Greensleeves into a spaghetti-western theme while exhorting the audience to sing along!Guitarist stamps of approval come from Lindsey Buckingham on Second Hand News, Steve Howe contributing to unexpected Yes inclusion I've Seen All Good People:Your Move/All Good People and George Harrison's son Dhani on his dad's Beware Of Darkness.So revel and rally, and sing up!The original album, which came after a five-year layoff from studio activity, was the product of sessions in California, with typically lavish 90s rockist arrangements that at times rather swamp the admirably diverse collection of songs.Sir Silence is the pseudonym of one Bill Taylor-Beales, a Hampshire born but Cardiff based visual artist and guitar picker who also happens to be married to singer-songwriter and album collaborator Rachael Taylor-Beales.
It's a collection of mostly sunny pop-rockers with some lovely hooks - a little Stones, a sprinkling of Springsteen and The Band and a whole lot of youthful enthusiasm!
You either love it or hate it, it seems; myself I love it, it's seriously addictive, and this CD gives me my fix!
Of the songs I mentioned earlier, two (renditions of Spancil Hill and Tìr A' Mhurain) employ Rachel Walker's beautiful voice and count for much more than the makeweights their inclusion might imply.
This understated, minimally-produced release is another case of "less is more but in truth, that's also the only thing wrong with this wonderful album - its unusually short playing time.
And there's no real chance of getting bored cos the individual songs are gorgeously pithy little creations that just dive on in there, make their point and skedaddle off into the sagebrush so you can move onto the next dish pronto.Clearly, folks with influence believe in Mindy's talent, for she's secured the services of Steve Buckingham for production; Steve also plays on the album (mostly guitars and there are contributions from Bryan Sutton, Viktor Krauss, Sonny Landreth and Lex Price (among others).And when you learn that the whole of this album was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs or enhancements, its achievement is all the more astounding.And, start saving the pocket money because this apparently's only the tip of the accumulated material iceberg and there's another triple set due later in the year.From then on in, the nyckelharpa is placed in a multiplicity of creative contexts on tunes penned mostly by Gris herself, of which the stately Skånklåt For Thursa most closely approximates the Swedish tradition.And, as you might guess from their name, they're not exactly devoid of wit either, appropriately coming in at just under two minutes, Semi is an in a hurry number about being impatient while in just 27 seconds Truck manages to encapsulate the whole love.Skipalong strummed pop song Minus Nines has him fancying some girl he knows will be a heartbreaker but too smitten to be careful while on the pretty You And Me he declares 'I don't believe in love anymore.In order to help him realise his open-hearted seasonal vision, Sting has invited into the studio a number of respected musicians: these include guitarist Dominic Miller (a long-time collaborator Kathryn Tickell (on fiddle and Northumbrian pipes Julian Sutton (on melodeon Mary Macmaster (on metal-strung Scottish.M m David Kidman Bryan Sutton Bluegrass Guitar (Sugar Hill) Masterly (and increasingly ubiquitous) session guitarist Bryan follows up his first solo recording for Sugar Hill (the sparkling Ready To Go ) with a more humbly-titled effort that reaffirms his commitment to the genre, albeit.Then there's Vicki's translation of an enchanting Swedish love song (The Roses Three and a delicate setting by Vicki of a charming poem (The 'Dood' Night Kiss) written for her grandfather by his own grandfather!

But within a framework of country music, Snider has filled East Nashville Skyline with delicious subtleties.
It opens in full blooded style with No No Keshagesh, a stinging attack on corporate greed (the title translates as Greedy Guts, as in those who consume their own and everyone else's too) in which, set to a driving tribal rhythm and 'powwow' vocals, she.