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1.29 Silica.38 Sulphur.
The garments, after having been examined on their arrival, and buy mobile phone top up vouchers online sorted, are placed in a revolving drum that contains benzine, and which can be hermetically closed, or in a fixed machine within which there is a revolving cylinder that contains the spirit.Erosion of the septum is found only among persons engaged in the manufacture of the salts, but ulceration of the skin of exposed parts, principally the hands, although most severe and most frequently met with among the same class of operatives, may be detected among.There is throbbing in the head, accompanied by extreme muscular exhaustion, so that after reaching a great height the individual may be so over- come that he throws himself on the ground, unable to proceed further.MacCormac, Bart., Sir William, 699.The doors are then thrown wide open, and free admission of air is allowed.In an ordinary way work is conducive to health, and even under abnormal circumstances work is often the main factor that tends to prolong life.Theoretically, therefore, it is expected of them that when they reach the lining membrane of the respirator passages they will inflict greater damage than particles of dust that are softer and rounder.L 91 144 Copper miner.
That product is derived from arsenite of soda, which is decomposed by sulphate of copper, and the resultant treated with pyroligneous acid.
When a shoddy machine is worn out, it is sometimes used for flock-making.
The table shows that at ages from fifteen to twenty, and from twenty to twenty-five, as well as at both the age-groups above fifty-.
If done by hand, respirators should be used, and the men should be careful to stand on the windward side of the pans when the covers are off.
As in other industries, the adoption of machinery has resulted in a large increase in the employment of young and of comparatively unskilled labour, for girls of fourteen or sixteen years can tend machines, the operations of which, if accomplished by hand, could only.
This is a kind of work in which there ought to be alternation of employment.
Sweden, factory inspectorate in, 47 ; ergotism in, 234 ; lucifer match industry in, 422, Swift, or drum for rag-grinding, 645.A light will still just burn in a mix- ture of 75 per cent, of carbonic acid and 25 per cent, of oxygen.In 2 of the cases there were symptoms of lead encephalopathy, one of which proved fatal, and in another there was paralysis.This register shall contain a list of all persons employed in the places and pro- cesses named in Rule i, and shall be produced at any time when required.M.These present an excellent specimen of the dangerous character of exposed arm wheels running at high speed alluded to above.In the gold mines in India and the Transvaal, accidents involving the loss of as many as twenty men at a time have sometimes occurred in this way from dynamite catching fire underground, and serious injury to health may easily be caused by the fumes.But there is ground for thinking that the standard was a little low.Thursda;.2 I Friday Wednesday.Returns 88 infant mortality AND factory labour chap.These in a general point of view are obstructive dusts, nevertheless they are not devoid of irritant properties, and differ greatly among themselves in the latter respect.Very little watering done, Ferndale Col- plosive.