My taxi promo code spain

my taxi promo code spain

Note that the credit card payment is through the app, having your CC registered on it, you won't be able to pay with 1soccerstore coupon code 2017 credit card in the taxi unless the driver has the machine by chance.
A comfortable way to pay, easily and safely with your Smartphone.
Simply enter your Miles More card number in the relevant fields, and every Euro travelled will be credited to your Miles More account as a premium mile.
I will also update this page regularly with other short-term deals I have found available in Spain.What are the conditions for paying by app?To pay via App they accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and also Paypal.Once your journey has finished the driver will ask you how you want to pay, if you want to use the discount you need to do it via app and have it configured before the journey.All our drivers are licensed.Problems with the app What should I do if the mytaxi app does not start or crashes?Press J to jump to the feed.
After successful verification, you are sent a message informing you of the successful transaction.
Once you have downloaded the app, introduce the promotional code MeritxellRoi and you will get 20 of discount.
You can then access your personal mytaxi profile from all end devices.They will have expiry dates and limited availability.You then verify your payment details and decide whether you wish to add a tip.Paying by app costs you nothing.You can also contact our customer services at any time: mytaxi support team or by email.In order to register for My account, simply enter your personal details under My account and Login.Code: h, other short-term discounts and deals, the below discounts are available for certain time periods so please check the details for expiry dates and conditions of use.Mytaxi itself can never access any data.What should I do if I forget my user name?Your receipt is then emailed to you.How do I sign up for paying by app?Mytaxi Payment is subject to appraisal and approval by the German Federal Bank and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).The passenger is requested to enter his personal mytaxi PIN before every transaction.