Marvel contest of champions gifts

Can I send boosts?
These exclusive offers will be available for a limited time, heres where you can find them: Note: This is limited to 3 per retailer, per tier.
To whom can I send gifts?
Just curious of the reasoning behind.Not just Marvel, mind you, we have comics out the wazoo.Gifting is a gameplay mechanic added.Heres what youll get to help boost your roster: Gift Cards Denomination Tier 1 2x 2-Star Infinity War Crystals each Crystal grants a 2-Star Infinity War Champion* 5x Energy Refills, gift Cards Denomination Tier 2 2x 3-Star Infinity War Crystals each Crystal grants a 3-Star.Friend of mine started around the same time as me and he got a T4CC.However, Champions cannot be gifted, something which has caused some outrage within the.Gifting must be done by purchasing a Gifting Badge with real money; Gifting Badges are purchased exclusively with packs.
How can the gifting badge be acquired?
What items can I send?
Ive been playing for over two years and I didnt get anything.
Weve teamed up with Google Play to help you build up your ultimate team of Champions!
Just looking for clarification.As far as I know, the only way is by making an in-app purchase of a pack that contains that badge.I was hoping they sold Marvel: Contest of Champions specific gift cards or some other way to give him money to spend in the game.Marvel: Contest of Champions community (however, this is so that people don't cheat, and also so that people who share accounts don't get an even bigger advantage).Lockjaw, seen at the right.Src, this article is a stub article that is short and/or needs improvement.(To be fair, I would be too if I had enough time to play.) I want to get him something related to the game for Christmas.I searched the forum but couldnt find a thread.1, this mechanic allows players to gift items to other players on their gbk app student discount friends list, such.

I'm talking, specifically this game.