Long sweep 90

This head gate has a self catching door and it can also be operated manually for smaller animals.
The side panels prevent smaller animals from turning around once they enter the chute.
Panels open on both sides for easy access to animals for hoof trimming, vaccinating, treating wounds, etc.ALL orders placed by phone call only.When door is opened to the front the opening is 23 1/2" for easy release.He noticed our parking lot lines were severely faded and brought up guitar center coupon code january 2018 the new service your company nobel prize literature 1991 was offering.Easy catch and release system.This new version is longer, taller, easier to use and has several other new features.
You and your company did not forget the plan that was discussed over two months ago, and it has always impressed me the way you have continued to put customer service as the first priority.
The two gentlemen press on veneers discount code who came in were professional, quick, and went above expectations.
We have several different options listed below.
Makes working goats by one person much easier.
If you don't see the set up below that you need, send us a drawing with dimensions, to let us know what will work for your operation and we can price the set up that you have designed.Top section of the 10ft panel drops down for easy access.Theyre reliable, flexible and detailed.If you have questions about any products, or if you would like to check on shipping cost for items you are interested in, send us an email of your list, with your City, State, and zip code, or call office phone.After a quick email, we had a plan to re-paint the lines as soon as it was dry for a couple of days.After two extremely wet months I was pleased to see your team, bright and early, starting to set up on what seems to be the only two day dry spell weve had.Sorry, due to the size of our products, we are unable to offer ordering by internet.Panel will hang on opening side panel gates of chute.This chute sets on the ground.Weighs up to 660 lb animals.Individual Pricing on Sweep Tub and other additions #GST408 Solid Alley Panel 8' * 249.00 #GST402 Solid Alley Panel 2' * 117.00 #GST406A Solid Tub Panel 6' * 250.00 (2 needed ) #gstg408 Solid Tub Gate 8' * 499.00 #gstb408 Tub.When door is opened back toward animal there is up to 12" opening and this is adjustable to smaller sizes.

Easy Entry Ramp with swinging catch door at the top of the ramp, when animals enter chute.