Latin word for gift

latin word for gift

Abrahamus : Latin form of Hebrew, abraham, meaning "father of a autonation ford discount code multitude.".
En, in inside, inwards Latin envision - to picture in the mind; enclose - lock inside; inwards - towards the inside.
Liber free Latin liberate - to set free; libertine - a person with a free, wild lifestyle; liberty - freedom.Ject throw Latin eject - to throw someone/something out; interject - to throw a remark into a discussion; project - to cast or throw something.Dia through, between, apart, across Greek diabetes - disease characterized by excessive thirst and discharge of urine; diagnosis - understanding a condition by going through a detailed review of symptoms; dialog - conversation between two people.Gastr/o stomach Greek gastric - pertaining to the stomach; gastronomy - serving the stomach by providing good food; gastritis - inflammation of the stomach.Op/t/s eye, win 10 full download visual condition, sight Greek optic - relating to the eyes; optician - a person who fits eyeglasses; autopsy - the examination of a dead body.Erg/o work Greek ergonomics - study of the working environment; energy - the power to accomplish work; energetics - science that looks at energy and its transformation.2 a : to make a gift of It makes an excellent choice whether you're gifting one bottle for the honeymoon or a case to be savored for years, or even decades, to come.Aristarchus : Latin form of Greek Aristarchos, meaning "best ruler." In the bible, funky pair coupon code this is the name of a companion of Paul.
Tort twist Latin contortion - a twisted shape or position; distort - to alter the shape or condition of; retort - reply in a manner that is supposed to change the effect of something previously said.
A/c/d to, toward, near, latin accelerate - to increase the speed of; accessible - easily entered, approached, or obtained; admittance - allowing into; acro top, height, tip, beginning.
Athamus : Latin form of Greek Athamas, meaning "rich harvest." In mythology, this is the name of the father of Phrixus.Pseud/o wrong, false Greek pseudonym - a fictitious name; pseudoscience - theories presumed without proof of a scientific nature; pseudopregnancy - a false pregnancy.Lite, ite, lith/o mineral, rock, fossil Greek apatite - a group of common minerals; granite - a hard, granular rock; monolith - a remarkable, unique stone.Voc/i voice, call Latin advocate - to speak in favor of; equivocate - to use misleading language that could be interpreted two different ways; vocalize - to produce with your voice.Judaism: The pre-Mosaic period: the religion of the patriarchs yhwh (by scholarly convention pronounced Yahweh the God of Israel, with the creator of the world, who had been known and worshipped from the beginning of time.Od path, way Greek diode - an electron tube having two electrodes, a cathode and an anode; odometer - an instrument attached to a vehicle to measure the distance traversed; triode - an electron tube with an anode, a cathode, and a control grid odor smell, scent Latin.

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