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Mythology Gag : "Governor Dunston" is a reference to Tina Fey's run playing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.
Call it a zig-zag with Straight Gay, which has settled in the mp, at least for now (being forced out of the corporate game will do that to you, apparently).Subverted by Jack : "Lemon, who thinks gesturing with one's thumbs is for poor people and is going to be the next CEO of Kabletown?In their prediction, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Colorado go for Romney, causing the election to come down to Florida.Jenna's contract mandates that she be made a producer should TGS reach a fifth season; she turns out to be excellent at it and has the show's best interest at heart to the point of realizing that under the current budget she's superfluous, and asks.Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking : Tracy :.If Wall Street crashes, it'll be the 1970's all over again.In the DVD commentary for "Black Tie Tina Fey points out how ludicrously expensive Liz's apartment would.Get code visit site discount off plus Free Delivery @ Jacamo.Gratuitous German : Many characters on several occasions.Denser and Wackier : At the beginning, the weirdest thing was that Jack was Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming.Iaid 2 for 1 Entry to Selected London Attractions at National Express.
Which is a bit confusing since he was said to sleep with a character played by Cristin Millioti in the 5th season.
Markie : I had just bought my second home when they brought that idiot werewolf lawyer in!
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In a meta-example, after three seasons, Rachel Dratch resurfaces in "Live Show playing a cleaning lady.
Lutz being a closeted gay man.
Series Continuity Error : In the pilot, it is clear that The Girlie Show has been around for some timenew GE television executive Jack Donaghy hires Tracy Jordan to save an already established show.Jack 's seduction methods of styling his woman's hair and making her a Western omelette came amazon com rewards credit card up with.C.25 off 10 off 10 off 10 off 20 off 20 off 25 off 20 off.95 off 15 off 10 off 20 off.95 off 15 off 20 off Newest Evans Discount Codes: Discount Discount Details Expires 20 Get Extra 20 off with Newsletter.Jenna: IF IT ilond woman, I will kill myself!Improbably Predictable : Jack makes a joke, and Liz hands him an envelope predicting that joke.Fast forward to Season 5, and Cho is playing Kim Jong-Il on the show.Boden is that special brand that stays close to our hearts with its core values and incredible clothing collections - for yourself, another and the whole family - you can count on Boden to dress, and impress.When GE sold a majority stake of NBC to Comcast in real life, the show had a plot arc about being sold to " Kabletown ".In the pilot episode it was mentioned that Tracy fell asleep on his neighbor's roof.Jack : Better than hot pizza?Jenna: Jenny McCarthy died?And Jack Donaghy's iconic "Good God Lemon".Cant argue with that!He was promoted to TV programming executive despite his most notable previous achievements coming while the executive of the Microwave division.