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I am honored and humbled to be able to be a small part of the noble and important work these groups.
View full product details Quantity: Quick View Soul Sisters Bracelet.00 Soul Sisters Bracelet.00 A special bracelet for those women who share a kindred bond "soul sisters" is stamped into this pendant surrounded by hearts and vines.
Deanna Kafkas donkey rescue has always had a piece of my heart and more so now.
A bold flower with a heart in its center.It fills the streetsits the first thing you hear when you land in the airport.Moissanite is a lab grown white gem which was first discovered over 100 years ago when a meteor struck the earth.Giant carrots, butterflies and flowers are just some of the decorations that can be seen in our store front!View full product details Quantity: Quick View Blossom Bracelet - Leather.00 Blossom Bracelet - Leather.00 A sweet open handmade blossom bracelet with a heart center strung on a brown leather cord.Enter promo code bark20 upon checkout to receive my gift card balance now your discount and help save a dog.Wear these in multiples by stacking with our other inspirational bangles!
Some of the up cycled artwork that is so popular at our.
Continue reading, a custom pair of rings, for a very special couple looking for something out of the ordinary to express their outstanding love.
View full product details Quantity: Quick View Paws Forever Bracelet.00 Paws Forever Bracelet.00 An organic handmade paw with wide open wings for those of us that keep our dogs close to our hearts.I would zumo discount code like to say that life got a little hectic and crazy and I didnt have time to postbut that wasnt really the case.He is the inspiration behind most of our dog inspired jewelryand we love him. An organic open puppy paw is tied with chocolate leather lace to silver lobster claw clasp.Continue reading A BIG thanks to Huntington Beachs own Main PCH Blog!I had to relearn how to walk, right down to the baby step basics.We get down to business!View full product details Quantity: Quick View Find the Music Bracelet.00 Find the Music Bracelet.00 A music lovers favorite bracelet.