How to send an ebook as a gift on amazon

Go to the landing page.
During the purchase process, you can set a delivery date, so itunes electronic gift card sale that the recipient receives your gift on his or her birthday (or other special occasion).After all things have been finished, from these output folders select the book you want to gift, then package them together.Amazon and B N both let you gift a specific eBook.They will dive into the same world you explored, and then you can have a great talk about this author, this book, or something else related to the gifted book.My own suggestion, in this folder you can also put a beautiful eCard with your own words to convey your thanks, celebration, wishes to your friends, family, colleagues, teachers, and more people you love.A: Amazon also provides us a super easy way to give Kindle Unlimited as a gift.Instead, buy the recipient a gift card and attach a note that includes a suggested title.But maybe you are still confused about something.From the interface you will see words "decrypted it means that you have removed the DRM limits from your books.Maybe take another look at the page.
IPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, if the recipient reads on an iOS device, you have more options.
We buy gifts to our friends because we want to make their life more convenient and colorful, but if you select method 1 or 2, we could only select book as Kindle format or epub or PDF, win tickets to fall out boy which brings inconvenient instead.
This means if we couldn't make sure of this point we couldn't gift eBooks to them.
So you know that it can deal with books from nearly all of the vendors.
To gift a book from iBooks, launch the iBooks apps from an iOS device.
Alternatively, purchase an e-book for Kindle or Nook and suggest that your friend download one of the free accompanying apps.Method 2: Purchase a gift card.Q: Could I gift a specific eBook for iPad?Alternatively, if you would like the gift to be a surprise on the chosen day but not right away, that's.Then click the "Give as Gift" button.After we finished reading one book, and then did really think it is also worth reading by our family or friends, we can gift this book to them.Here I take gifting an eBook on Amazon as an example.The most important thing is the case that with this method you can gift an eBook with different formats and then package them together so that our friends could select any format they like, no matter which device they use, no matter which app they.A: Typically in this case we could only send a gift card to your friend on iTunes.

Kindle, head to Amazon and find the Kindle version of the book you want to gift.