How to make a beautiful gift for mom

how to make a beautiful gift for mom

Colour the upper half in Acrylic Pearl Metallic Gold.
Materials for postcards are available, and, probably, already have houses: colored cardboard; scissors, better - with a serrated edge; paper napkins of two colors (4 pcs.
Step 3, draw a paisley design on an A4 sized sheet and trace it on the tray using yellow carbon paper.Next, score a line all the way around both cards with a paper cutter 1 inch in from the edge.Leave it to dry, lost gift card american express step 6, the outer border of the tray is divided into two halves horizontally.And if you draw to an interesting creative activity of the child, the benefits and enjoyment will be much greater.Leave it to dry, visit: Hobby Ideas for more such beautiful and easy DIYs.The petals are glued to the center of the circle.As it is pleasant - to make a close nativeman a hand-made gift, putting in his own warmth, fantasy and love.
The finger of the square is pressed into the center of the "well".
From one napkin comes 16 squares for the petals.
Step 2, give a base coat of Acrylic Pearl Metallic Silver.
It is necessary to develop an interesting framework for.The greeting card itself is relevant to any holiday.Leave it to dry, step 5, colour the remaining areas of the tray using Acrylic Pearl Metallic -Gold.All you need is some stiff paper, like craft paper or card stock.To make a gift box out of a greeting card, start by cutting the card in half.In its center is applied a little glue, or glue is poured for the baby on a small saucer.Learn how to make beautiful gifts for loved ones with your own hands, using only improvised materials.Once the scored lines are complete, fold up the edges dolls of india discount coupon to make the sides of your box.The angle of the petal is fixed on the cardboard, andthe fluffed part rises above the cardboard.