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Fighting back: GPS nmea spoofing. .
The message boards occasionally (rarely) put up information about a wreck or congested area up ahead, but aside from the "Drive friendly" place-holder messages, they are also used sometimes to publicize Amber Alerts or information about missing elderly people. .Toll road cameras looking beyond scofflaw drivers. .The odometer tax removes much of the incentive to own a fuel efficient vehicle. .The Central Texas Turnpike Program was designed to increase mobility by adding capacity and reducing congestion in the region.So now the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority is thinking about setting up something called "open-road tolling which means that instead of robbing you at tollbooths, virgin trains east coast discount code they would record every driver's license-plate number and then rob them with monthly bills. .More about odometer taxes.With millions of cars rolling off dealer lots with built-in connectivity, auto companies are gaining access to unprecedented amounts of real-time data that allow them to track everything from where a car is located to how hard it is braking and whether or not the.Electronic Toll Readers Traffic Surveillance Cameras. .California drivers may soon come bumper to bumper with the latest product of the digital age: ad-blaring license plates. .Matthew Kitchen was the main author of the Puget Sound Regional Council study that stumbled on the solution to all our traffic issues. .
Editor's note: Apparently ETC means Electronic Transaction Consultants.
Obama, it should be a toll road. .
At that point, the company received phone calls from six of its drivers who were somewhere in Germany on the Autobahn. .
With trucker tolls on GWB rising to more than 100, some drivers say they'll avoid NYC. .Try this one: Texas Bill Would Require Transponders in All Cars. .To fix its crumbling roads and bridges and rescue the state's financially challenged public transit system, a draft report made public yesterday says the state should consider charging tolls at the state line on every interstate highway and creating a new tax for each mile.Toll lanes on fast-track as planners plot.A.Somewhat related: Ford: 'We why did obama win have GPS in your car, so we know what you're doing'. .