How much discount on used car for cash

how much discount on used car for cash

H ave any more used car negotiation tips?
At this point, two things winners nobel peace prize can happen: The salesperson will suddenly suggest that the two of you can reach an agreement on price or he or she will shake your hand and pnc bank rewards redemption tell you to come back if you change your mind.
Remember, hes going to make you feel like youre bleeding him dry and hes doing everything he can to bring the price down.
They cost.99, so try having the dealer get it for you.Tell him, I dont care about the retail price.He may act insulted.National Automobile Dealers Official Used Car Guide. .It also depends on the manufacturers.Ask for the wholesale price or as near to wholesale price as you can.You dont have to finance your car with the dealer.Look for an established firm and check for online reviews.Just have your financing ready before you step foot on the car lot.If you dont want to deal with the dealer, you can always sell the car yourself at retail price.It can be time-consuming and tedious but at the end of the day, youll thank yourself if your negotiation efforts allow you to purchase the right car at the right price.
As we drove away in our new car, Ill admit that my manly ego was bruised.
You can use the True Market Value calculator to get an idea of the vehicles average selling price.
A couple of months ago, I wrote about how to buy a used car.
But beware, you cant pay by credit card so cannot use this to give you rights under Section 75 if something goes wrong.
Consumer Reports annual auto issue comes out every April and has a used car section that gives you info like lists of most reliable and least reliable used cars and frequency-of-repair records for recent model years.
If the dealer includes trade-in value, they can make money on the difference between what they pay for your car and what they get when they sell.
When the average buyer walks into the dealer, hell immediately divulge to the salesman which car he wants, how much he can pay per month, and which vehicle hes trading.If youre buying a used car from a dealer, theyre going to try to sell you a bunch of add-ons like rustproofing or detailing.Sure, you might not end up with exactly the pre-owned car you really wanted, but you'll net a tidy discount just because the dealer will be eager to get rid of these unpopular cars as quickly as possible.That gives you as the buyer some leverage in terms of getting the dealer to cut you a better deal on price.In the end, most dealers would rather take a cut in their profit before spending any more money to keep the old stock around.That doesnt mean, however, that you can just throw out any number when attempting to negotiate with a dealer.Then wait and see what happens.AA also offers free breakdown cover for 12 months, RAC for six months.After paying the wholesale price, dealers jack the price up for retail.Kelly Blue book is one of the most well-known indexes of new and used vehicle values.Point out things that might make the car hard to sell.The goal here is to get the dealer to acknowledge anything that might justify accepting your offer.AxleGeeks Graphiq, having a firm idea of the cars value can help you decide how much youre willing to pay.