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Some clarification for the followers: As WP8.0 apps are, silverlight, after retargetting it will still.
The second is to run Bluestacks on Manymo, the online emulator of Google's Android.
In every case the VS should ask if you are sure to do that - it's one-way operation, so it's worth to make a backup of your solution.I realise Kik was made for use on a mobile OS, but it is supposed to be cross-platform where mobile OSes are concerned, and therefore not to be tied into Google's mobile OS - or, as far as I know, into any other software supplied.If you don't have a password lock on your phone, you don't need to worry about that.Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the lights on at MakeUseOf.I notice that Microsoft have made.As WP8.1 has backward compability, in most cases there shouldn't be any problems.Silverlight app but WP8.1 (some new features and enhancemens).Target Windows Phone OS version you can choose Windows Phone.1.
The first is to install on my laptop the Bluestacks emulator of Google's Android operating system, and then to run Kik.
You will have to port it manually.
You should be able to use the built-in file manager in Ubuntu, Just click the top icon on the left panel and type in the search box that shows up "files and it should be the first icon to show.
I couldn't find anything online about this, though.
There are two ways to do that: like in comment - right click on oyour project and you should see Retarget to Windows Phone.1 or you can open, properties window of your project and the in dropdown box.
Unfortunately, using Kik on Manymo similarly requires a Google Play account.The two ways of using Kik from my laptop that I have so far found are both inadequate, or at least I do not how to tweak them to make them meet the requirements.Note that not all features from WP8.0 are yet available in WP8.1 Runtime - here is a good article about that.Also as a side note, you need to have your phone unlocked (as in, branded christmas gifts for clients on and the password typed in if you have one) to access your storage.Unfortunately to run Kik on Bluestacks requires (or at least I have not found a way to avoid) having a Google Play account.

Windows Phone emulator, so there might be a way to get Kik to work on this without dealing with Google.
Email, facebook, whatsapp, pinterest, i have changed my hand set from Windows to Android and wanted to move the contacts from my old Windows phone to my new Android phone.