Holiday gift bag assortment

Charity Exchange, whoever picks your charity will donate a small donation in your name.
This works with those you don't know too well.
Choose names out of a hat to pick the argos discount codes headphones order books are drawn.Whoever guesses each question (by raising their hand) first, gets first pick from the present pile.Your 2ND BOX will include THE items below: WE like TO send more variety.Every time one of those words is said, anantara coupon code you either pass your gift to the right, left or to the person across from you.Number 3 can either steal Number 1's or 2's gift or pick from the pile.Sticky Hands on a String (72/package).Number 2 can decide if they want Number 1's gift or pick from the pile.
After everyone has opened their gifts, have fun playing with all the games.
Grab Bag Exchange Have people bring a box or bag with individual little gifts and pick the order of who will begin first.
Christmas Bingo Play bingo and have the first winner select a gift from the pile.
Have everyone draw a number from a bowl.
Ship it to the first friend on the list.If they guess, they get to keep it - but if they don't they have to pick a "dare" from a jar.Whether you like dark chocolate or prefer something sweeter like milk chocolate or white chocolate, there are delicious pieces for everyone.Edible Exchange If you are unsure what to get your co-workers, this is the perfect theme.Show your loved ones how special they are with gourmet chocolate gifts featuring godiva chocolates.Have the person read their joke out loud, then find the punch line that goes with it - the gift with their punch line belongs to them!Squishy Horses (48/package disc Shooters (48/package spin Tops (48/package) Qty.