Hearthstone legend chest rewards

2018: Updated spreadsheets for The Boomsday Project.
Those players would, on top of the regular prizes, be landry's gift card balance rewarded with more HCT points at the end of the season (Master League should also get some, but not as much).
A bigger ladder rework that would incorporate some major changes to not how it resets, mercury prize 2011 but how it works.How to Use a Spreadsheet?And this is something I really agree with.Cards specific to Mages are underlined.Thats why making a separate ladder, a new format, would be the best idea to solve that issue.One thing Im not sure about are bans.Another thing to consider would be giving out some bonus points for the game length.They could change a lot of things they just cant mess around with on the regular ladder.
For example, two players can win their last game before.
Or maybe there are other competitive formats youd see instead?
A completely new UI, a lot of testing to find the right balance in the system, then even more time to adjust the MMR gains and loses after players come in, probably some more time to create the meaningful rewards I was talking about.The current system works and most importantly, its simple.Those kind of things appeal only original gift company customer services to a small percent of the playerbase.At the same time, people could ban your favorite deck all the time, so you might have less fun playing.You can either give nothing or give a full star, like for win streaks.Legend grind and new players not having enough room for themselves (because getting from R25 to R20 was way too quick).And so, after thinking for a while, I came up with an idea.A lot of players dont realize that, but behind the ranks and stars, MMR system also exists.Show all entries - show only 10 entries.There should be a minimum amount of games you need to play weekly, and if you dont meet that requirement, your MMR starts to go down.Casual players dont care about Bo3 or any competitive system.Playing best of threes instead of just a single game, while not a perfect method, would reduce that RNG greatly.

Instead of reworking the current ladder system, which works just fine for majority of the players, why not make a separate ladder for the players who would actually like to play something more competitive?