Guys award winning sugar free bbq sauce original 18 oz

Before competing, I dont think I made thighs a single time in my life.
Now take the happy mixture australian bee gees las vegas discount tickets you just made and stuff it inside the chicken.
Let them rest for just a couple of minutes and dig.
Take your chicken thighs and roll them so the skin is wrapped completely around, and as little of the meat is exposed as possible. Dust the underside with your chicken rub.Rinse with cool water and place on tray, skin side down.When I saw how pink the meat was I first thought it was undercooked. .Now take the mixture you just made and stuff it inside the chicken.
Place your bird away from the heat, and throw a bunch of wood on your coals.
In seven years of competing, Ive placed in the top 10 a dozen times with these chicken thighs.
You want an internal temperature in the leg of 170.
If you want, sprinkle the thighs with some brown sugar.
This will help give it a nice golden brown color.
If the bird is bigger or your heat is lower, it will take longer to reach this temperature.Print, smoked Whole Chicken, ingredients 1, 3-5lb chicken 1 lemon 1 onion 1 apple 2 garlic cloves, salt Pepper.Please leave me a comment once youve tried and let me know how it went! I thin my sauce with Coke.This is a delicious crowd pleasing treat that everyone will absolutely love. .