Gifts for bed bound patients

gifts for bed bound patients

Play with puzzles, word puzzles, jigsaws on a tray, finger puzzles try them all!
Or perhaps they are accessible but just not possible.
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Buy or make a beautiful scarf (especially if she will go through chemo.).I just released an e-book with half of the net profits going to metastatic breast cancer research through The Cancer Couch Foundation.One of the most challenging things about being ill long term is how much our lives change.Hold a dance party in your mind, or move as much as you are able with Gabrielle Roths 5 Rhythms.What might make her smile?Change the world in your pyjamas.Spend time with animals, playing with them, talking to them.So, in an effort to share my experiences as both the sick friend and the friend of someone sick, here is a list of my ideas.Donate to a charity in her honor.They get tired of sitting or lying down, become bored with life and miss social contact with others.An organic fruit subscription.
Can you watch online?
Offer to make her kid(s) lunch daily if your kids go to school together.
What do you love to read?
Practice your origami skills and make objects to decorate the space above your bed.
Sit with you client and do a riddle or word search together to inspire them.
Buy or make a cozy blanket.
Related: iles formula coupon code Sensory Stimulation with Wind Chimes.It is a good topic of conversation and excellent for reminiscing.However, as I was stuck there for the duration, we found ways to make it work.And one of the hardest parts of that (apart from, you know, the bedpans and pressure sore issues) was being bored.Some residents enjoy solitary pursuits and some were probably loners all their lives.Golden Carers has 1000s of activities and resources for senior care.And those that came and sat with me and kept returning were my lifelines.Connect to a positive online community and hang out.OR signup for our monthly newsletter filled with simple tips: click here.Singing songs with actions is another way to exercise the upper body; Songs such as: ymca and Macarena are good to start with.How to Have Fun When Ill in Bed: Take an imagination vacation, where can your mind take you?

A hand or foot massage provides comfort, may relieve pain and is a good time to have a chat.