Gift for techie who has everything

Simulating an increasingly bright sunrise, the Philips Wake-Up Light (89.99) replaces that startling buzzer with an alternative to get you out of bed on the right foot.
Print the directions and hunt down each lego brick to score an amazing gift for any Apple fan.
The unique-looking Philips Wake-Up Light can also be used as bedside lamp for reading.Theres a metro man gifts boston full part list, complete with Element ID information that can easily be plugged into.Steve Jobs Figure, several years ago figures of Apples late CEO, Steve Jobs, started popping up everywhere.It can also diagnose ailing plants hawaiian jellys discount codes and help you identify unknown species growing in your garden or potted plants in your home.Crib care, unveiled a year ago at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, the Mimo Baby (199.99 for Starter Kit) is a small onesie with a turtle-shaped sensor that sends information to a parent's (or babysitter's) phone or tablet: if the baby is asleep or awake.Don't give the gift of predictability.
Shes going to love her rejuvenated face!
The other option is to buy a look-alike shirt at a fraction of the cost for the real deal.
A fun scarf and gloves shes got.
Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation.
I have one of these figures on my desk and see it as a tribute to the man whos creations had such an impact on my life.Rise and shine, why wake up to that annoying alarm clock when you can start your day with soft, natural light?Published 7:02 AM EST Dec 7, 2014.Apple fans are a dedicated bunch.While you can disable the feature, this keychain fob emits a beep whenever you type to confirm the letter, number or symbol has been registered.The Parrot Flower Power Wireless Plant Sensor (59.95) is a smart gardening gadget capable of recommending which plants will thrive in specific locations by matching algorithms to a database of more than 6,000 plants and flowers.Three machine-washable onesies are included in the Starter Kit.Even a reproduction poster would make a great gift and it wouldnt break the bank.163 Shares, share, tweet, share, share, email.Head below to take a look at my outside-the-box gift ideas for the Apple lover in your life: Custom lego Macintosh Project: One of the top gifts for anyone this year are, lEGO kits.The various posters depict historical figures with a small Apple logo and the text Think Different.Another option is this poster of the original iPhone US patent for 35 shipped from Amazon.From intricate Star Wars projects to an adorable wall-E, it seems like everything is getting the brick treatment, except for Apple gear.Iconic by Jonathan Zufi (.82 ) uses gorgeous images of Apple products, prototypes, packaging, and more to tell Apples design story.

A wireless meat thermometer and accompanying app, of course.