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There was plenty of people asking about support issues within the black community.
Celebrating 40 years of Fantagraphics (43:15,.6mb) On the panel was Gary Groth, Eric Reynolds, Daniel Clowes, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez and Simon Hanselmann.
Mark and Spurlock spoke of the mutual respect that Kirby and Wood had for each other and Spurlock confirmed Jack's honesty.One librarian told a funny story about how a child in her middle school had the Walking Dead TPDs and was renting them out to his classmates to read at 2 a book, but wanted to house them in the library.While the sketching was going on they answered some questions for the audience, talked about other artists they loved, characters they wanted to work on, working with writers and how much input they get on a story among other topics.The group also talked about Kim Thompson, how he got involved with the company, what he brought to it and some funny stories about him.Josh talked about Reading with Pictures and how it's purpose is to make graphic novel text books that could be used in class.This panel started late due to the previous panel going over it's time.The book is called Solution Squad.Jimmy and Mike said you can't do a comic that is a movie pitch as you recognize right away and it's makes a bad comic.Tony also won an inkwell award for his work in comics and Tony gave his love to the convention for having him as a guest.While Scott talked there were pictures on the screen.He talked about the content of his books are often in the public domain, but he does respect the artists and pays them or their estate.
They also took questions from the audience.
She mentioned how collectors give them negative feedback because they choose to exclude certain things from their books.
She talks about specific cases and has with her David Powell who was involved in a famous case of two library staff that was restricting access to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier.
He showed the back of a photograph of his grandfather and his friend, where they described themselves as 2 Generals (jokingly) which usf disney discount is where he got the name of the book.Seth, Chester Brown and Joe Matts work gets discussed.Writer Howard Wong presents the Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Artist (5.39mb, 5:53) The award went to Dale Eaglesham for his work on Justice Society of America (DC Comics).He answers questions from the audience about superheroes, particularly Superman, Batman and Jeff Lemire's run on Animal Man, movie scripts he's written, Jack Kirby and his ideas, also how he doesn't turn down work and juggles multiple projects at the same time.Click Here, and: The Jewish Debasing Of American Culture.HobbyStar Toronto ComiCON 2013 (March 9 - 10) - 72 Photos Ty Templeton's How To Write a Graphic Novel (47:32,.5mb) Ty talked about Jim Shooter's theory of the triage of storytelling.Mark talked about seeing a play that had dancers holding the pose of a Jules dancing drawing, while people in street clothes came in and read dialogue from his comics.Gary Butler presents the Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Colourist (4.45mb, 4:51) The award went to Dave McCaig for his work on various Marvel, DC and Oni Comics.For the general public tcaf was May 12-13th.The Denis and Diana talked about how it took some time for the format to catch on and even talked a bit about the term itself.He said when Scott Dunbier started with IDW he told him about wanting to do the Parker books adaptation and 2 weeks later Scott called back, saying they got the rights and they were working.Scott Dunbier talked about editing Darwyn on the Spirit, his loyalty and attending his Wedding, Shelly Bond talked about setting up Darwyn and Gilbert Hernandez working together at Vertigo.He produced a comic book at his expense that had a team with math names and type powers and they get into problems that require math to resolve.The group talked about how they got started doing anthologies, their successes, creating the types of anthologies that people want to buy, various ways of paying contributors, doing a mix of inviting friends to submit work and open call submissions, how to prepare for when.