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As an Enrolled Agent licensed by the United States Treasury Department, I am authorized to practice in all 50 states, and to represent taxpayers world wide regardless of send off gift ideas where they live. .
Without this effort, I firmly believe that it is far more likely that a taxpayer will end up with a less favorable "deal" for himself or herself. .The IRS began their Fresh Start program in 2011 to help struggling taxpayers.Here is the link to my accredited BBB A report: Another company rating service is provided by Business Consumer Aliance. .As for IRS enforcement, the IRS filed approximately 600,000 tax liens in 2013 and issued just under 1,850,000 levies on third parties ( third party levies typically are bank levies or wage garnishments.) That is reason enough for you to be proactive in getting.In fact, I have encountered a few former IRS employees - both while I was still working for the IRS as well as post-retirement - who I believe have no business representing taxpayers. .Consultation Has the IRS or one of the State taxing agencies sent you a Notice of Adjustment, Notice of Examination, Notice of Deficiency, Notice of Intent to Levy or any other type of communication? .The individual or company will have received their modest fee already, and there is, therefore, no financial incentive to make a sincere, effective effort to help a client get through an audit or collection matter with minimal financial burden - particularly in pursuing relief through.) may try to shift the Revenue Agent's or TCO's focus from himself or herself to the client as the underlying cause of the tax problem or tax issue - thereby resulting in the IRS imposing the accuracy or negligence penalty on the taxpayer/client rather.I have used Turbo Tax for helping family members for years (I use LaCerte for my return preparation clients due to licensing restrictions of Turbo Tax - and, of course, because LaCerte is a powerful professional product (very expensive, by the way.) with great diagnostics).
If you believe you cannot pay all of the tax, penalties and interest you will owe, do not let that aspect delay the filing of your delinquent returns. .
How do I persuade them otherwise?
It is also important to inquire about the qualifications of the person actually doing your return. .
Tax Practice Areas The four broad categories of services that I offer are: Tax Return Preparation Tax Controversy Resolution (providing irs tax audit help or resolution of an IRS tax audit or collection matter) Consultation Expert Witness Tax Return Preparation There are many self-help income.It saved them from having to take time off from work, travel time to and from my office, and travel costs ( the latter can be very significant depending upon current gas prices )!That is a perfect example of what would be a free consultation type question.Rather than lose your retainer, use my knowledge and experience to make them do what is right!I read far too often of our seniors losing thousands of dollars! .That may have changed. .Your cost basis will be different depending upon whether you received it as a gift or by way of an inheritance. .That does not mean that everything is perfect! .