Dragon nest npc gift guide

I recommend opening them all up until lv45, which will give you a free skill reset scroll.
Requirements: Achieve 100 gold in your inventory.
Each time you level, you will get a free gift or some items to help you in game.
I used the crappy Prima Guide as a reference to double check some of my findings.Requirements : Have title Minus Hand obtained from failing to enhance items a lot of times.Gaining influence is easy just be firm with him and don't mock his beliefs.The game gives you at least 3 free SP resets that heart mini discount code will be available to you.Tamer Lindsay edit edit source To befriend Tamer Lindsay, you must have.00 Fondness with Irine.Black pine bracken and meat (these sell for an ok amount once npced).A) it can go from to 9, B) it can stay 8 or C) it might go down.The items that you want to keep while levelling are: gifts (Golden Goose Badge, Royal Court Badge, Independence Badge, Adventurers League Badge enhancement crystals (anything that ends with altheum/diamond or garnet enhancement crests that are lv90 or above and cooking materials.g.For people who grind at dotc and Sanctuary Core all the way to level.She will force the issue at the end of the tower should you decide to purge it and can die there as well.
A lot of others grind a fair amount of characters as well, so chances are youll find someone in your level range that will be able to help you out.
This gives you a lot of free stats, increases your max HP and will make you do more damage to clear dungeons faster.
If he says to leave him alone in camp do so for a modest influence gain.
Having a high influence prevents most of this from occurring.
) Friendship Quest: Lvl 32 Healing Tears (Spirit Grave.
He responds inconsistently sometimes he's all for senseless murder others he will protest so it's a coin toss with him.At level 15, you get a specialisation quest- this is where you decide what path you want to take as a character,.g.(1 is from lv15 quests, 1 is from lv45 box, 1 is from lv60 box).Friendship Quest: Lvl 37 Secretly Say Goodbye.Tell him early for a small loss (5 or less) if you aren't interested to avoid a major (-25) influence loss later.You dont need to activate it or anything, as soon as its claimed, it will be active for a week before it expires.Giving gifts to Bailey also gives Fondness points to Deckard and Aversion points to May.Any armor that you find while levelling until 90 is worthless.The red ones can be equipped onto rings, weapons and sub weapons.

PC Must be Rogue with level 4 deft hands skill It's the room Alistair.
Bailey edit edit source To befriend Bailey, you must have the Cloth Chaser title (obtained from looting a Loincloth).
Duke Stuart, requirements: Lvl 30 Being Human (Main Quest).