Discount tire on 45 and west rd

Background and story: We have been a customer for bed bath & beyond gift registry many years.
What I don't understand is, if they are going to blame me for the damage, why offer to pay for only one rim.
I contacted the corporate office in Arizona to get quicker response and they told us to email them a" for two replacement rims.I decided to walk across the street to have dinner and advised the associate there was no rush and he could leave the spare key in the car and would pick my car up when my dinner was over.Since they were already closed and also closed on Sunday, we couldn't address the issue until Monday morning.I found it hard to take my repair issues to the mechanic's of our world.The associate kept suggesting that the wheels had been curbed.Doylestown, PA, mavis Discount Tire Chalfont PA, great service.Finally, today after numerous calls and emails, we got a response and they claim they will only reimburse us for one rim and claim it was because it was our fault that we curbed them.Doylestown, PA, mavis Discount Tire Jamison PA, passing through when my car failed very thankful for the honest service and extreme kindness throughout the ordeal.Doylestown, PA, mavis Discount Tire Chalfont PA, liam and the rest of the team were awesome.
Knowing the store closed in 30 minutes, I was reassured they would have it done before they left for the day.
Doylestown, PA, mavis Discount Tire Jamison PA, always pleased with the service.
Well once again, here's my theory: Like I stated earlier, they didn't realize the cost of stock rims on a 12 year old BMW.
We asked the associate to replace the rims since they are now damaged and dented and he insisted us against filing a claim and offered us to have it buffed and repainted instead.
Doylestown, PA, mavis Discount Tire Malvern PA, rick - Was lyca recharge promo code great.
We have purchased tires in the past for a total of 4 vehicles, honey promo code review including 2 sets of high dollar rims within the past 12 years.
We were loyal customers to Discount Tire due to their excellent service and competitive pricing.The tires would show damage as well if this was the case.I will never use Discount Tire again nor will I recommend it to anyone else.When we refused and insisted on replacing the rims of the same type, he warned us that the claims department liked to get attorneys involved.This resulted in damage to my two back rims.Doylestown, PA, mavis Discount Tire Chalfont PA, julio was very nice and smart and professional.We arrived at 4:30pm to get them repaired (unfortunately with my work schedule, this is the only time and day available for me and have been accommodated with this schedule in the past).Both wheels have identical damage and scoring which would be impossible to do at all, let alone in a day.Excellent place for my car's service.