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All teams involved with the winter must have homemade anniversary gift ideas a rep at this meeting complete with the following: A list of office gift set four contacts with 4 valid emails.
A more common-sense approach should be considered regarding post game activities, as to their location, time of day, and potential impact on other user groups.
Other teams are welcome to pick up their games sheets after the first game, other wise game sheets will be available for pick up at Soccer Nova Scotia starting April 10th, 2007 Next Meeting The msmsl General Meeting will be held Wednesday March 28,2007.July 15, 2008 is the last day for player transfers.Once you have raised the amount needed then the fun begins.DU defeated PEI 5-0 to claim the bronze medal.Msmsl Team Makes National News The msmsl team Soccafrique recently made the CBC national news as part of the CBC's World Cup coverage.In order to prevent team stacking for the tournament teams must submit a list of a minimum of 14 players, which will be registered for the winter season at the October 15, 2007.Teams unable to drop off fees and forms before this date must make other arrangements with either Mike Boyce or Kevin Boutlier.Cheques should be placed in an envelope clearly marked msmsl or whfc to the SNS downstairs office between those hours.All Weather Field Code of Conduct steak pan gift set The msmsl would like to take this time to remind all players and teams of the all weather fields Code of Conduct which forms part of our rental agreement with the HRM for field use.Winner will be crowned Spring Masters Champion Schedule 09-May_Sat_1830_Weir_3rd in Tier 3_6th in Tier 3_Tier 3 QF 09-May_Sat_2000_Weir_4th in Tier 3_5th in Tier 3_Tier 3 QF 09-May_Sat_2130_Weir_3rd in Tier 2_6th in tier 2_Tier 2 QF 10-May_Sun_2000_Dal_4th in Tier 2_5th in Tier 2_Tier 2 QF 10-May_Sun_2130_Dal_3rd.Field 2 is the middle field.
Depending on new teams and existing teams, the format has yet to be set.
Playoffs will consist of top six teams in each pool with 1 2 in each pool receiving a bye.
The division would also participate in a crossover with the lower division and upper divisions for an additional sixteen games.This breaks down as follow; Centre.00 (22.50 and linesmen.00 (14.50).The next tie breaker (head to head) was even with 3 pooints to each team.Y-MD 6" -.25 y-S.75" - 6 y-XS.5" -.75".Patrick is working on rectifying the problem, but needs a bit of time.The referees have been instructed to talk with the teams before the game and have the teams line up on the touch line and do the walk out to center as done during nssl playoffs.The msmsl is implementing a program to promote, monitor, and improve high standards of behavior in its membership.

BValley etro 4Harbour East AWT 2 12:00 noon EValley 1vs.