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The Baquacil gifts for sister in law bridal shower Pool Care System includes three principal components that work together to save you time and maintenance: Baquacil phmb Sanitiser, Baquacil Shock, and Baquacil Algicide.
When the level is 30 ppm or less, addBaquacil phmb Sanitiser to bring the level up to 50 ppm.
The water will turn greenish followed by the formation of a whitish /tan precipitate.
Use a chemical filter cleaner twice during the season to keep your filter operating properly.Rinse and dispose of the container immediately after use.Pool Mart, logo and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of Pool Mart Intellectual Property and/or our affiliated companies.To ensure optimal filtration and good water quality, you should chemically clean your filter twice a season with a chemical filter cleaner.Water Balance Check pH and alkalinity every week with Baquacil Test Strips.Total Dissolved Solids: less than 1,500mg/l (ppm).Heres how easy it is to use them: Weekly Care Once a week, test your pool water with Baquacil Test Strips to make sure the levels of Baquacil phmb Sanitiser, pH and total alkalinity are within acceptable ranges.Use a paddle to mix the water thoroughly.Baquacil Shock with the filter running.
Unlike other sanitisers, Baquacil phmb Sanitiser is not affected by: Sunlight, temperature pH fluctuations.
As your filter circulates pool water, it collects all types of debris organic matter, waste, scale, rust, grease and grime that, if left unchecked, will hinder filtration and lead to a cloudy, unattractive pool.
Allow pool to filter continuously for a minimum of 8 hours, ideally 24 hours.If your cover is dirty, clean it first with a chemical pool cover cleaner Troubleshooting For Baquacil Pools The Baquacil Pool Care System was developed to give you a clear, sparkling pool with far less work than ordinary chlorine-based systems.We carry the full range of Fi-Clor products for water balance, specially designed to make water adjustments quick and easy.Step BY step.Hazy Water One of the major causes of hazy pool water is lack of adequate filtration.Coverting Your Pool to a Baquacil phmb Sanitiser.