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Returns received past the 60 day window will be rejected unless prior approval for credit has been attained.
Upon expiry, non-renewal or termination of the distributor how to become a gifted student agreement, the distributor shall return all confidential information to Platinum without delay.
Independent Platinum distributors are not entitled to tie the company to any obligation.
You can avoid having to pay compensation if you do not use the items and refrain from doing anything that would adversely affect their value.Shipping policy, all orders ship during regular business hours.Objections must be sent to Platinum in writing by registered letter.We will not dispatch the Product to you until we receive payment.Married Couples Spouses are regarded as contractors but they may also hold two distributor positions, if one spouse is sponsoring the other.The price of the Product does not include the delivery charge nor does it included applicable taxes, both of which will be displayed at the Checkout.However, they may not exploit their knowledge of or connection with other independent Platinum distributors who they have not sponsored personally to promote or expand this other business.Your exclusive remedy, so far as permitted by your local laws, (in respect of any claim for breach of contract, negligence or otherwise) in relation to the Products shall be limited to replacement of the relevant Product or a refund of the amount you have.Maintaining Status as a Distributor Status as a distributor applies for I2 months from the date of registration at Platinum.Sales Activities An independent Platinum advisor who wishes to sell a sales aid or service to another independent Platinum distributor, which is not sourced from Platinum but which supports the Platinum product or business opportunity, must first obtain written permission from Platinum.SO, youve GOT your voucher, but theres so much choice what are you going to use it on?
A copy of the invoice or receipt, which the customer has received or the appropriate credit card slip.
Please help us and our delivery companies by taking extra care with the address details to ensure they are correct.
There is no guarantee on Enrollment Packs or business tools.
Orders placed by 8 PM cest with Customer Service will be shipped the next day.
Only One (1) Distributor Position Individual independent distributors may only hold one Platinum distributor position.
Platinum is not responsible for having that information readily available.
Dissolution of a Marriage or Partnership If a couple who are jointly running a Platinum business divorces or separates, the Platinum bonuses bdo prize money 2017 will continue to be paid as prior to the divorce or separation, until Platinum receives a court judgement or a written notification, which.This is not a standard delivery service and the price will depend on the destination and weight of the shipment.Neither walking with dinosaurs coupon code you nor Platinum Health Europe will be responsible for any losses that the other suffers as a result of a breach of these Terms except those losses which are a foreseeable consequence of the breach.Kids can get expensive, they grow up so fast and their old toys suddenly become obsolete.Platinum shall in such cases also reimburse the distributors own dispute-related expenses and indemnify them in every respect.In this case the next upline sponsor is given this organisation.

Should you already have received goods, but have not been able to return them wholly or partly or only in deteriorated condition, you must compensate us for the value.