Confederate strategy to win the civil war

Confederate strategy in the how to win pong War to Prevent Southern Independence: Tactics or strategy?
This strategy did not work; Britain did not recognize the Confederacy and the Republicans blockaded the Confederate ports and harbors.How important each one was is a matter of opinion and ever-shifting debate.The reasons for the war and its outcome remain hotly debated.Lincolns political maneuvers solidified it, ensuring the Souths lack of support from abroad.Some have blamed Robert.The North however seemed to operate more out of brute force, flooding the South with more men and equipment than the Confederacy could defeat.Lee for mismanaging his army.The Confederate ocean going navy was too small to challenge the Republican blockade. .The Confederate navy had many river boats for keeping the rivers open for travel.Lacking the military subtlety of the South, the Union forces stumbled to victory despite of themselves.
This was so that European countries would see that the Confederacy was only defending itself and not trying to conquor foreign (northern) territory. .
As George Pickett said when asked why he thought the Confederates had lost at Gettysburg, Ive always thought the Yankees had something to do with.
An army was established in the west to accomplish this.
They told the Union the battle plans of the Confederacy to help them win.
That same spirit of dissent and individualism which lead to the revolt also resulted in conflict within the Confederacy.
At Gettysburg, cannons bombarded the Confederacy before they were able to reach Union lines.
The United States Navy established a naval blockade along the Atlantic Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico that was extremely effective in prohibiting foreign trade (Brooks Hohwalk, 1991,.The union wanted to blockade the eastern South and make England dislike them for having slavery.But it did not have a great number of railroads, and the ones it had started wearing out. .He also thought that the Confederacy could not defeat the Republicans unless it had a great victory on the battlefield that completely smashed the Republican army.Others blame Jeb Stuart for riding off on a raid and so leaving Lee blind to enemy maneuvers.Stanton, Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Gustavus Fox, and others brought great skill and efficiency to their roles.Warm, charismatic, and humorous, he was good at winning people to his side.