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This time i ordered 2x 1/18 NZG Mercedes Actros Trucks at 230eur each (which later jumped to 330eur i got shipping notification on and was daily big bus tours dc coupon code checking for the updates as i was desperately waiting for the Actros, there was no update till a week.
I was shocked to see such earthquakebag me discount code a reply from them, i was extremely frustrated at the moment and replied them that i need pictures of the defected model as i can not believe that both the trucks were damaged, here's how they changed the story.
Make your loved one a great gift and give them a Certificate of ck-model cars for Christmas!You can consent to the use of this technology or manage your settings to fully control the data collected and processed.Hi folks, Wanted to share a serious disaster i had with the ck-modelcars few weeks ago, was quite busy so didn't got time to post it, I have been their customer since years with several thousand euro's total orders.And at the end, all they gave me was a 35euros voucher as a "gesture of goodwill".Ck models voucher - - - - - Link Ck models voucher.
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Ck models voucher, november 21, 2017, ck models voucher.
Now what, fineart com promo code the Actros model that i bought for 230eur each had already jumped to over 400euro's each, that's as much as twice the original price i paid them, i requested them a lot to arrange the models for me anyhow but all they said.
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Edited by usmanulamin, 02:53 AM).For example, adding the following code snippet into html head tag will help to represent this web page correctly in social networks.My blood was boiling at this moment, first they said that the models were defected and then they mention that they had issues in stock, i could never expect such a terrible reply from them.Thats why the below mentioned amount had to be refunded.".On, i emailed ck-modelcars that i think there is something wrong with the tracking number because there is still no update, in return, this is the answer i get: "thanks for your order and your payment.I'm still searching for the Actros at a good reasonable price which i highly doubt i could find one, all i can do now is wait for 2 more months for the rest of the hobby edition colors to come.The models arent defect, we just dont have any left in stock and we couldnt re-order them.

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I have been extremely disappointed disheartened by this cancellation, i do believe that this cancellation has been intentional because they sold those trucks at a "black market price".