Christmas gifts from the 90s

Slap Bracelets This was more of a stocking stuffer, but you have to include the bracelet that could also double as a measuring stick.
The only reason Im good at packing a suitcase is because of my Tetris addiction.
I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Walkman, my grandma got me a Walkman with an MC Hammer tape and a Troy Aikman jersey one year for Christmas.A Nintendo you can take with you anywhere!Tickle Me Elmo Tickle Me Elmo was a little past my time of receiving toys for Christmas, but that toy sent the world into a frenzy.Share, funny by Elana, interesting, a Man's DIY Basement Renovation Exposes An Unbelievable Secret.Mike Voice Changer Tape Recorder.Can you not tickle the other Elmo dolls?Hold on and let me hit this super bass button!Visually pornographic content, hateful or weaponized writing, spam or misleading text.
If you weren't lucky enough to unwrap this on Christmas morning as a kid, you can purchase it today on m for 296.
My Buddy/Kid Sister If you dont start singing the My Buddy and Kid Sister theme song immediately, I have nothing left to say to you.
Every trip to Limited Too wasn't complete without stocking up on at least three flavors at check out.
Super Soaker, a kid down the best wedding gift ever the street from me claimed to have the Super Soaker Monster XXL, which didnt even exist.
Teddy Ruxpin, i used to take the regular Teddy Ruxpin tape out and, instead, put in Wham!
Mommy had to do what mommy had.
Creepy Crawlers The boy version of the Easy Bake snapfish cvs promo code Over let you make bugs and eat them.Furby, i was never allowed to buy a Furby because my grandma claimed it was speaking in demonic spells.Lazer Tag, if you covered up your chest sensor when playing lazer tag, you were a monster and probably didnt succeed in life.By, rob Fee, November 21st 2013, report This Article, what is the issue?Rocket Power Alarm Clock, if this alarm clock didn't make you want the original tour london voucher code to get up early on a weekend morning and strap on a pair of rollerblades, were you even a Rocket Power fan?Skip-It, skip-It was a great way to get some exercise, learn to follow instructions, and break at least one of your arms.