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This result may be an anomaly of this years panel, so take these findings with a pinch of salt and wait until 2018s study confirms this trend before ignoring the importance of negative reviews.
After moving away from its consumer platform, Foursquare now focuses more on being a data provider with broader business services.
And with more people than ever expecting high star ratings (Q11), even one rogue review could cause businesses to argos discount codes headphones drop out of favor.While visiting a business website remains the most common next step (37 consumers are now more likely than before to get in touch directly.More people are looking for reviews than ever before, and weve found that nearly every consumer has searched for a local business online radio city store promo code at least once this year.Even though more consumers than ever use online reviews, fewer believe they are letting reviews influence their opinions (12, up from 5 in 2016) and 24 say they dont pay much attention to reviews (up from 21).Could Foursquare reviews be close to the end?How do online customer reviews affect your opinion of a local business?Key statistics 93 of consumers read local reviews to decide if a business is good or not meaning just 7 dont (compared to 9 in 2016) 35 always read reviews when seeking out a business near them Reputation checks are clearly a way of life.Since the introduction of the Local Consumer Review Survey in 2010, weve seen significant shifts in the ways that consumers seek out and use online reviews when choosing a local business.
79 of consumers say theyd read a fake review in the last year, with 25 saying theyd read a lot of fake reviews.
Key statistics 97 of consumers used the internet to find a local business, up from 95 in 2016 12 of consumers searched for a local business every day 54 of consumers looked for a local business online at least once a month.
Now 48 want a least a four-star rating (up from 45 in 2016 and 28 in 2015) an increase of 20 in just two years. .
Key statistics 54 of consumers consider the average star rating to be the most important factor (down ) Quantity of reviews is now the second biggest factor, at 46 (up ) The importance of businesses responding to reviews has increased to 30 (up ) Consumers.Thanks for reading this years Local Consumer Review Survey if youve got any thoughts or questions on what these statistics mean for local businesses please let us know below.Key statistics 63 of consumers have written positive reviews for local businesses, while 32 have left reviews for negative experiences 26 havent yet reviewed a local business, but would consider it Our survey finds that the majority of respondents both read and leave reviews for.Key statistics 68 of consumers left a review after a local business asked them to More businesses are asking their customers for reviews 74 of consumers have now been asked Only 26 of consumers have never been asked to leave a review (down from.How often we need to find a good nearby restaurant, grocery store or bar far outweighs the frequency that we need locksmiths, accountants and chiropractors, for example.A massive 60 of people read a review for a restaurant or café, 40 for hotels and B Bs, and 33 for healthcare professionals.For example, in 2016 the sentiment of reviews was cited as one of the top two factors in a review (behind average star rating but in 2017 it dropped into the position of fourth most important (47 to 32).It also includes new and modified questions that fit into the key SEO and local review trends weve seen this year.Top When judging a local business on reviews, what do you pay attention to?

The results suggest that, while people are now more likely to take action after reading a positive review, negative reviews are less likely to put them off using a business.
With Yelp attracting.47 million in US traffic each month, and Facebook.57 million (as of October, 2017 its no surprise they are so respected.