Can trump win the 2016 election

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There is precedent for a Republican to go down the rabbit hole and fail to emerge in these states: Four years ago, Romney's campaign felt he was within striking distance of victory in Michigan.
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But Obama got 66 million votes.270ToWin/Mic, if Trump loses Ohio, he likely loses.A version of the scenario where Donald Trump poaches Rust Belt states to make up for losses elsewhere.From Trump's perspective, a win in one of the large midwestern states (beyond Iowa and Ohio, which are must-wins for him in every scenario) could offset a few small losses elsewhere.They cant be serious and more!It's called the National Popular Vote, and it would.In the general election, you have to convince the American people to vote for you, not hardcore disenchanted GOP voters.270ToWin/Mic, if Trump loses North Carolina, he likely loses.With victories in Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina states Mitt Romney won in 2012 along with Florida and Nevada, Trump can get close to victory.Aus:m/./donald- trump - general - election.html Why Donald Trump Cant Win The White House This is a gap Trumps vaunted working-class support cant fill.
After the 2012 election, Republicans licked their wounds and took a hard look at what needs to be done to win, aus:m, culture.
Arguably Donald Trump's easiest path to victory, this scenario would require him to win the states Mitt Romney won in 2012 and several others where he is very to somewhat competitive.
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polls update - In this final pre-election polls update, I give you my electoral college projection, and evaluate the latest polls in the critical battle ground states.The maps below show that a loss in either Florida, North Carolina or Ohio, or a combination of Nevada and New Hampshire, would spell game over for Trump, even with a previously discussed unlikely win in Michigan or Pennsylvania.Trump's argument for this scenario seems to make sense, even if polls fail to back.It's the latest example of Fox News' transformation from right-wing news network.In this map, North Carolina is key to the entire election.

Trump could win the nomination but not a general election.
Republicans can't win based.