Bingo prizes for nursing home

On this day that the first commercial oil well was established, start a debate with the men about oil.
For the feeders, just string Cheerios cereal onto pipe cleaners and then hang the pipe cleaners on the trees.To play, use a box of chocolates and alternate picking out a piece of chocolate and guessing what is in the center (e.g., nuts, cream, caramel, or liquid).Works extra TO google chrome free download win xp clean resident'S room.Finally, secure the circle of beads by adding a knot in the embroidery floss before adding a few more beads and another knot.Have the men switch thread colors when you teach a new stitch, so that they can easily see the difference on their fabric.One-on-One: Can't Eat Just One Invite your resident to assist you with making homemade potato chips in an oven on this National Potato Day.Back to Activity Calendar 15 Birthday: Paul Rand, American designer known as the "Father of Modern American Graphic Design" (1914) National Relaxation Day Woodstock music festival in Bethel, New York began (1969) Tactile: Sand Art Cards Assist the men with making sand art cards.Have each of the men make four colorful charms so that you can package them as sets of four for your Crafts Fair.For the project, use safe paint for the dog, a canvas, paint, and paintbrushes.
Open tennis tournament in Flushing Meadows, New York, invite the men to get active by playing a fun game of activity charades, in which they act out various activities for their teammates to guess.
Discussion: Dangerous Sports On this birthday of the "Father of International Surfing" Duke Kahanamoku, start a discussion with the men about whether they consider surfing a dangerous sport.
Special Event: Name That Elvis Hit Divide the men into teams to compete in a Name That Elvis Hit game on this first day of Elvis Week.
During the activity, pass out bibs and napkins as you see who will be crowned this year's Hot and Spicy Champion.
Back to Activity Calendar 3 Birthday: Maggie Kuhn, American activist against age discrimination after she was forced into retirement at 65 (1905) Braham Pie Day, an annual festival featuring homemade pies, a pie-eating contest, a pie auction, and a pie trivia contest in Braham, Minnesota.Next, use colored pencils to color in the eyes before cutting out the circle nose and replacing it with a noisemaker.Finally, have the men fill in their drawings using the reduced red wine.Discussion: Is Radio Still Important?Keep UP THE good work, zoosk free promo code everyone!On this day that the Berlin Wall was erected, start a debate among the men about whether barriers deter unwanted migration.ThoughtCo is part of the Dotdash publishing family.Discussion: Ending World Hunger On this Farmers' Day in Tanzania, start a discussion among the men about the best way to end world hunger.One-on-One: Let's Ride a Coaster Take your resident online to ride a virtual roller coaster to celebrate this National Roller Coaster Day.American Adventures Month, american Artist Appreciation Month.Discussion: Assimilation of the World's southwest mag sweepstakes Indigenous People Chit chat with the men about the Native American culture in the United States in recognition of this International Day of the World's Indigenous People.A memorial, A celebration, A remembrance OF YOU AND THE lives YOU touched.WE give praise TO THE most high FOR allowing YOU TO come OUR WAY AND WE just give praise FOR ALL OUR residents, staff, family, AND friends #Randy, eamcLanier Nursing Home * employee.

Discussion: Do You Still Remember Them Today?
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